LETTERS: Court ruling garners fire; Give more info about COVID-19; Stockpile equipment; Bullying allowed

Attorney general should add, not replace to review of police

Court ruling garners fire

So the Texas Supreme Court just ruled, remotely, that the people of Texas can’t vote — wait for it — remotely.

What a wonderful message the Texas Supreme Court sends!

Basically spitting in the faces of all the registered voters in Texas, they said, “Hey guys, as a panel of Supreme Court judges and due to the current pandemic, we can’t vote in person. But we need to vote on whether the people need to vote in person or not. Let’s all do a Zoom call and vote, OK?”

And they voted against mail in ballots, which means that if we wish to vote in this coming election, we have to get up, glove up, mask up (hopefully everyone is doing it), and go out and stand in line to vote, like our great ancestors did way back when.

Oh, wait — our ancestors did more mail-in ballots than we do? Oh shucks, OK. Well, we have to get up and risk our health, wait in line for hours for the first time in, well, history, I guess.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think there’s ever been a health risk or a negative implication associated with voting, until now.

What a wonderful time we live in; a time where profits come before people, and the wealthy and powerful still make policies that subvert the voices of the impoverished and risk the lives of the downtrodden, putting fear in the minds and hearts of those who actually have the power to affect change.

Phillip Garcia


Give more info about COVID-19

I follow the COVID-19 reports daily as reported in The Monitor. I know how many people have died, and how many new people have tested positive. We are also informed what the total number of infected cases is to date.

In order to have a clearer picture as to where we stand, and in which direction we are headed, it would be very informative if they would report the number of active cases as of today (total infected year to date minus total cleared and released).

José C. Coronado


Stockpile equipment

I just read an article concerning the disbursement of CARES Act funds in Hidalgo County. Our county judge makes a lot of sense in his letter.

One area in which our county can invest in is personal protective equipment. The county can purchase masks, gloves and sanitizing equipment, and have it stored just in case this kind of thing happens again.

I mean, like a whole warehouse full so we are really prepared.

At the beginning of this deal, our moms, aunts, sisters and grandmas all came to the rescue by making masks for those who needed them.

Overall, our county has come together in an incredible way. May God continue to bless us.

Hector Garza


Bullying allowed

Many folks across America make the claim about stopping bullying. Even President Trump has come out against bullying. Yet he keeps doing it, using Twitter every day, attacking everyone he thinks is against him.

Why do Republics allow him to keep doing this on a daily basis? What has happened to our elected politicians that they allow the president of the United States of America to do this without even raising a voice against it? Have the lost their spines that they are afraid to stand up for what’s right?

Jesus Rodriguez