LETTERS: Are we safe with Trump?; Thank you, superheroes; Don’t bring Tesla here; Post office going broke; Political incest

Are we safe with Trump?

Funny how President Trump brags about how he turned the economy around and under his guidance it was doing great. What Trump fails to mention is that the U.S. economy was on an 11-year upswing.

In fact, the person who turned the economy around was Democratic President Barack Obama.

Obama inherited an American economy that was in a recession. And because if the bailout that he installed to help the banks, America rebounded.

Trump bragged about how good the stock market was doing under him. In fact, the stock market under Obama had a 150% increase, compared to 40% under Trump.

Fox News has made statements that they feel better with Trump leading America during the next presidential term than Joe Biden. They should ask themselves if the feel safe about Trump handling the next crisis in America, like the COVID-19 virus that he mishandled from the start. More than 116,000 Americans have lost their lives because of his failure to act in time.

Instead of saying it was a hoax by the Democrats, he should have done his job as leader of the country to protect those he made an oath to do.

Jesus Rodriguez


Thank you, superheroes

The CORVID-19 pandemic has turned our image of superheroes upside down. The so-called “nerds” are out there risking their lives, treating those infected and working 24/7 to develop a vaccine to save the world while the “macho men” are hiding in some basement.

Thank you, superheroes.

José C. Coronado


Don’t bring Tesla here

I’m a union guy, so last year I did my best to support maquila strikers in Matamoros. I made some friends with autoworkers and metal workers there. They made $7.25 and $12 a day!

Recently the only news I’ve seen on these overworked and underpaid workers is about RGV big businessmen offering this slave labor to Elon Musk, if he would just abandon his California work force, move here and exploit Mexican workers. I am a Catholic distributist and trade unionist and I think that is a sin.

I also think that real journalism would include covering this abhorrent system in Matamoros and editorializing for a universal living wage. U.S., Canadian and Mexican workers need to be on the same side.

Musk can afford to pay a living wage. So can Ford, GM, Fiat, Toyota, etc. What should be a living wage in Mexico? I have no idea, but it sure is more than $7.25 a day. How about $10 per hour?

I am told that the “new” NAFTA pays some Mexican autoworkers $16 an hour, but no one can tell me who these workers are and where they work. Perhaps The Monitor could look into this claim. According to newspapers in San Diego and Dallas, Mexican autoworkers ordered to return to work are being infected with COVID-19 by the hundreds. I’d like to see The Monitor report on this situation in Matamoros.

No Wall Between Amigos.

Tom Laney

Local 879 UAW Mercedes

Post office going broke

Will you be a Trump supporter when the U.S. Postal Service goes bankrupt? Trump hates Jeff Bezos, because Bezos is an honest businessman, made his fortune on his own without family bailouts. He has not gone bankrupt. And, Bezos own The Washington Post.

Telling the truth about Trump is the easiest way to raise his ire and that happens with every issue of the Post. Political incompetence is working in Trump’s favor.

With the help the GOP, the post office is going bankrupt.

Both U.S. Texas senators support Trump’s actions that will lead the USPS into bankruptcy.

My guess is that the USPS will be sold to private investors.

This is what the GOP wants. The new investors will charge what the market will bear, deliver to profitable areas and ignore the rest.

Trump blames the financial problems on Bezos and Amazon, who are trying to save them.

Trump is a liar.

The Indiana I-90 was a toll road run by the state. Political pressure would not allow the congressmen to raise tolls to keep highway up.

It was leased to an Australian investment firm. As soon as the firm took charge, tolls went way up. The same could happen to the USPS if Trump and the GOP have their way. Your mail-order drugs and magazines may not be delivered.

Then it will be too late to contact Ted Cruz and John Cornyn. Somebody else will be in charge.

It would be a sad commentary on Americans for the post office to go out of business because of hatred by Trump.

Hank Shiver


Political incest

Incest — now there is a word which, if it appears in The Monitor, should garner immediate attention. Don’t worry, folks, the seamier side of that word won’t be discussed here today. However, its base, meaning an unacceptable relationship ending in unwanted or illegal results, will be.

If we take a close look at the word as it might apply to our current national political problem, the relationship becomes apparent. On one side we have a mostly all-encompassing party that welcomes diversity, liberty, change, addition and personal freedom, and variety seems to be the spice of life. On the other side we have a party that welcomes only those of its own family, social standing, wealth, conservative or confined thinking and action, or political and religious beliefs.

Generally, only those who accept what are their most current fundamental attributes and those who will not create disturbances in its political DNA are accepted into its fold.

It is a fact that incest, over a period of time, can result in physical abnormalities and mental aberrations. I wonder if that’s what has happened to today’s Republican Party.

Ned Sheats


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