LETTERS: Appraisals draw fire; Questions for Fauci; Stimulus misused; Greedy cities; Trump can’t handle things

Appraisals draw fire

The Hidalgo County Appraisal District should have shown a little common sense when it sent out notices raising the appraisal on property values considering the current problems we are facing.

We have to shelter at home (most people would chose to appeal in person).

Why does the appraised value keep going up? That should be addressed at the time of sale of the property.

If the Hidalgo County Appraisal District were more compassionate of the taxpayers it could have restrained from burdening the taxpayers with more financial problems. Maybe it is time to roll back appraised values.

Roy C. Roegiers


Questions for Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci states that opening the economy too soon would lead to unnecessary suffering and deaths. He also states that people should probably never shake hands again.

Dr. Fauci, being born, suffering and dying had been and is something we do and have been doing for as long as we can remember; the death of the American economy is not. We can deal with timely and untimely death.

And if you suggest that we can’t even shake hands again, how in the world do you propose our species is ever going to be perpetuated?

How old are you, anyway?

José C. Coronado


Stimulus misused

The stimulus reward to prudent, responsible and authentic recipients was well deserved. We applaud this effort from the government. Irresponsible others who received it quickly burned it through their hands, and are still demanding more. It crosses one’s mind: How many of these recipients used stolen or fictitious Social Security numbers and cheated their way to this entitlement?

People who didn’t get it or never will, keep tightening their belts, so that these clueless money burners can again get rewarded.

We’re sinking our country’s financial stability by empowering the quick money burners, just so power-grabbing lawmakers can win elections.

That is insanity, dangerous, and a sure path to destruction of our country and freedoms.

God help us all.

Imelda Coronado


Greedy cities

County Judge Richard Cortez had the unenviable job of dispersing the CARES Act funds, and when the numbers were finally crunched and each city was awarded its share, most were unhappy. Judge Cortez, whom I believe to be a competent judge, could have used the wisdom of Solomon and still some cities would not have been happy, it was an impossible task.

With cities facing revenue shortfalls, this was their chance to hit the proverbial jackpot, and with little or no oversight on these funds many city leaders were upset at the allocation outcome.

The ultimate reason many were upset is greed, pure and simple. Many cities living beyond their means, they hire and fire high-priced city managers, police chiefs and other administrators at an alarming rate, paying out big when they terminate these contracts, costing taxpayers plenty.

My message to these city leaders: Tighten you belts, don’t be frivolous. Be thrifty, just like the rest of us during these tough times.

Jake Longoria


Trump can’t handle things

Why is it that everything that has gone wrong in Donald Trump’s first term as president he blames on Barack Obama?

Three years into his first term as president and he blames Obama for the low medical stockpiles. He had three years and never addressed the issue.

Mr. Trump has shown again and again that he is way over his head in the fight against COVID-19. In his three years in office he did away with a lot of the departments that would have dealt with the issue, not Obama.

Mr. Trump seem like he’s from a one-child family who breaks a lamp and denies that he broke it, even though he was the only one in the house. When something doesn’t go his way, blame the Democratic Party.

What’s his favorite saying? “Sleepy Joe Biden couldn’t handle it”? As Trump has shown, neither can lying Donnie handle it either.

In his bid for reelection he was going to run on the strength of the economy. Well, since he mishandled the COVID-19 pandemic and the economy is on the verge of becoming another Great Depression, what’s going to be his slogan — Vote for Donald Trump because I can’t mess it up any worse?

Jesus Rodriguez


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