LETTERS: Pandemic positives; Are people confused?; Wearing mask is considerate; Thanks Offered

Pandemic positives

To be honest, both parties, the media, World Health Organization, CDC and government in general all do the same thing to control what they feel we are, the sheep.

It’s good that a lot of people have been careful, but not insane with this issue. Most people I’ve met doing grocery shopping, getting gasoline or restaurant food have been very decent.

I love driving on clear roadways.

There have been many good things from all this as well as the bad. I think President Trump has been dealing with all this a lot better than those in my first sentence have. I’ll vote for him again in November.

Peter Stern

Driftwood, Texas

Are people confused?

Could Nancy Pelosi and her radical base be so confused about America’s history?

Americans built this country on pure moral fiber, hard work and decency!

Are these radicals’ minds confused about communism and capitalism?

It seems they want to confiscate America’s wealth and freedom, earned by pure blood and sweat, so they can throw out the crumbs to the dependent and the lazy, buying their souls so they can keep the real treasure for themselves. Then, bingo, everybody could become their serfs laboring in Pelosi’s wealthy vineyards for crumbs under “progressive” slavery.

Imelda Coronado


Wearing mask is considerate

While shopping at a grocery store one recent morning, I encountered some customers not wearing face masks. I was under the impression that it is a rule in Hidalgo County to wear a mask in a store and even in a public parking lot.

When I mentioned this to one customer without a mask, he replied in a belligerent tone that it was not mandatory. I checked with a clerk and was told he is correct. I noticed a number of other people wearing masks that did not cover their noses.

I do not understand this lack of consideration for others during this pandemic. Like many people, I am in a vulnerable health group and now no longer feel safe going to the grocery store due to the risk of the virus from people not wearing masks.

I do not understand the concept that wearing a mask is an infringement on individual rights. It is something that needs to be done for the welfare of the whole population until the contagion has been fully subsided.

Please be considerate of others and wear face mask inside stores.

Margaret Brown


Thanks Offered

We should all be thankful for politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Adam Schiff; it is their heroic leadership and patriotism that have uncovered Russian collusion, and thanks to the leadership at the FBI, CIA and NSA for showing the American public proof positive that the Russians manipulated the 2016 presidential campaign.

And a special shout out to Hillary Clinton, whose campaign paid for the infamous “steel dossier,” and to FBI Agent Peter Strzok, for having the foresight along with his paramour Lisa Page to formulate the “insurance policy” in the event Trump was elected.

Lastly, to President Barack H. Obama and Vice President Joe Biden for weaponizing the IRS, FBI and NSA to take out any political adversaries, deplorables and activist groups like the Tea Party, a grateful nation gives thanks.

Jake Longoria


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