LETTERS: Elderly cheated; Remembering Texas heroes

Elderly cheated

A great number of elderly Americans who dedicated their whole productive adult lives working hard to be self-sufficient, never depending on government safety nets, even when in great need, find themselves still cut off from deserved benefits by political hacks prioritizing politically expedient welfare pirates who cheat and lie their way to welfare, excluding the people who actually worked and still pay the higher taxes to provide these able-bodied cheats with unrelated COVID-19 stimulus perks.

Some elderly people are still patriotically contributing by paying very high taxes, and are punished by their own government for having been responsible and frugal.

Leftist political hacks scheme Marxist agendas and find ways to reward young, healthy, able-bodied families by encouraging welfare laziness. They legislate regressive laws that reward these cheats with higher benefits if the dependent numbers increase.

These unscrupulous politicians advance their socialist power grab, misusing unrelated COVID-19 stimulus money for increasing leftist electoral votes, ironically paid by the few working taxpayers who get nothing in return.

A great number of these elderly and disabled veterans did not receive well-deserved stimulus checks, supposedly because their gross income was deemed over the limit to qualify.

Who decides these skewed limits? These political scoundrels, of course.

Again, the government cheats and punishes people who worked a lifetime by skewing their income limits, and rewards healthy, ablebodied welfare thieves who prefer being home doing nothing, knowing that vote-pandering politicians will keep them covered with benefits in return for their votes.

These politicians are using COVID-19 stimulus actions to keep welfare cheats in their pocket for their own political power advancement.

The conservative opposition needs to power up and stand up to these radical socialists and not allow them to increase their vote pandering with taxed-out citizens’ money by using unrelated COVID-19 stimulus money to increase leftist voter rolls.

Imelda Coronado


Remembering Texas heroes

Texas history has long forgotten the Tejanos who fought and died at the Battle of the Alamo. Those Tejanos were all from Capt. Juan Seguin’s cavalry company who chose to cross the line in the sand drawn by Lieut. Col. William Travis, according to legend and tradition, to fight and die for Texas.

Seguin was sent out of the Alamo on the third day of the siege for reinforcements and supplies, but the Alamo had already fallen before he could come back with help. Seguin would reorganize a second company of Tejanos at Gonzales to fight alongside Texas Gen. Sam Houston against Mexican Gen. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna at the Battle of San Jacinto to help win Texas independence.

Texas history remembers and honors our Texas heroes, like Travis, Col. Jim Bowie and High Pvt. Davy Crockett, but forgets Juan Abamillo, Juan Antonio Badillo, Antonio Fuentes, Carlos Espalier, Gregorio Esparza, Damacio Jimenez, Toribio Losoya and Andres Nava, who all paid the same sacrifice in blood at the Alamo.

Memorial Day originally honored all the American soldiers who fought and died in the Civil War, and eventually came to include all the military who died in all the wars ever since, including World War II, the Vietnam War, the Korean War and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We as Texans should also remember and honor the bravery and courage of our Texas and Tejano heroes who fought side by side to die for Texas.

Jack Ayoub


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