LETTERS: Presidents don’t quit

Presidents don’t quit

This is in response to Mr. Bill Williams’ letter of May 11, titled “President should quit.”

Mr. Williams, presidents don’t quit. In a democracy presidents are voted out or retire. I never liked President Obama, but the majority of Americans voted for him and later he won reelection. He served his eight years and retired.

There were a multitude of things that Obama did or represented that I disapproved of. But he was elected “by the people” and I respected that, as I respect the office of the president of the United States.

You state that “our country is in deep trouble.” Are you seriously suggesting that President Trump is responsible for a worldwide pandemic that has shut down the economies around the globe?

You want President Trump to quit. Whom would you like to succeed him? Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez? Or even worse, Joe Biden?

José Coronado


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