LETTERS: Trump fails as a leader; Party of death; Gas terminals not welcome

Trump fails as a leader

The mark of a great leader is how he faces and handles a world-changing crisis. Mr. Trump’s crisis is this virus pandemic that has infected 1.8 million and killed 100,000 Americans. It has left millions of Americans without work.

Mr. Trump as failed the American people as their leader.

His arrogance has clouded his judgment and has shown that he has and will always be one of the worst presidents this country has had and ever will have. Some of the greatest leaders this country has had have handled the crises they faced head on. President Lincoln during the Civil War.

President Wilson during World War I. President FDR in both the Great Depression and World War II. President Truman in the last stages of World War II and the Korean War. President Kennedy the Cuban Missile Crisis.

This is what great leaders are.

Mr. Trump just plain and simply has failed as a leader.

Jesus Rodriguez


Party of death

I remember when the Republican Party used to campaign as the pro-life party. In fact, in the 1990s they attacked early attempts to provide medical care for all Americans with cries of “death panels.”

Isn’t it amazing how far they have come since those days? Now they have become the party of the death panel; they are rejecting the CDC guidelines for reopening the U.S. and they have their task force to reopen the country.

Clearly a daily death toll that equals or exceeds the number of lives lost in the attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon is of no concern to the Republican Party.

Thomas Butler


Gas terminals not welcome

In April, the paper’s editorial comments were exhorting the RGV to embrace a diversified economy to include the three proposed heavy industrial liquefied natural gas export terminals at the Brownsville Ship Channel.

I’m sure we all wish we had had a crystal ball to foretell the oil/ gas market crash. These industries have been drilling and transporting their products unceasingly and now with decreased demand, most projects are halting and may be facing bankruptcy.

What should we take into consideration for drastically increased air pollution by three LNG terminals at the Brownsville Ship Channel endorsed by the newspaper?

-Air pollution is now considered to be the world’s largest environmental health threat, accounting for 7 million deaths around the world every year. Air pollution causes and exacerbates diseases, ranging from asthma to cancer, pulmonary illnesses and heart disease. Outdoor air pollution and particulate matter, one of its major components, have been classified as carcinogenic to humans by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

-New research published in Science of the Total Environment reports that long-term exposure to air pollution may be “one of the most important contributors to fatality caused by the COVID-19 virus around the world.

-La Canicula, also known as the dog days of summer, gives us moderate to occasionally strong south/southeast winds close to the ground, blanketing the Lower Valley in soot and haze from heavy industrial burns in Mexico from April to after Memorial Day.

The smoke causes moderate to unhealthy air quality conditions for sensitive groups that can be viewed on our smartphones.

-Lets not forget our already existing agricultural burning in the RGV for sugarcane, resulting in large particulate matter pollution.

There is no need for the three LNG export terminals in our RGV except for LNG corporate profits.

Diane Teter


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