LETTERS: Texas Oncology garners praise; Sterilization, not abortion; Trump imperfect; Save ambulances without bailout

Texas Oncology garners praise

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the staff at Texas Oncology in McAllen. If one must go through something as difficult as chemotherapy (I have breast cancer), it really helps to have people who really care about you. You are not just a number there, but a real person.

Everyone, from the nurse who greats you at the door, to the people who draw your blood, to the schedulers, the nurses, the chemo nurses, to the doctors (mine is Dr. Guillermo Lazo), really care about you.

My oldest son works at M.D. Anderson and wanted me to go up there for treatment, but after coming down here and going with me to Texas Oncology, he was so impressed with their professionalism that he told me that I had made the right decision to stay here. He said they were doing the very same things that they do at his hospital.

I don’t know how my story will end, but I do know that I got to ring the bell yesterday, signaling my last treatment — Yay!

I’m so grateful that I chose Texas Oncology!

I would also like to thank Dr. Wayne Wilson and Dr. Julian Gomez for putting me on the right path to getting cancer treatment.

Dianne DeSutter


Sterilization, not abortion

The global COVID-19 pandemic is killing a million people worldwide — sad! Abortion in the USA: annually 1 million — bad!

Wake up, America! Let Planned Parenthood do sterilization; then no need for abortion! Plan ahead if you don’t want parenthood! Save our babies!

Mary Kitkowski


Trump imperfect

Even those who drank the most Kool-Aid reluctantly admit the stable genius is not perfect. So close, but not infallible. The virus did not magically go away in April.

His new strategy: make the Coronavirus Task Force magically go away. Only he can fix it. Hope. Belief. Perfect (almost).

Robert Ramirez


Save ambulances without bailout

The article about the Valley ambulance company in financial distress being in dire straits should be of concern to every citizen served by this entity (May 10). The lack of ambulance availability would create a crisis where injured would be transported by whom?

It is incumbent on city and county leaders here in Hidalgo County to step up and come up with a solution to this predicament.

Being proactive is essential before the other shoe drops and an accident or heart attack victim is faced with no ambulance to transport them to a hospital. The mayors and county commissioners need to come up with a plan and fast to ensure the day-to-day certainty that the citizens of this county will have ambulance service.

I am not suggesting a bailout of this ambulance company; after all, it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and obviously is incapable of restructuring due to lack of financial backing and the current COVID-19 environment that has reduced its revenue due to lack of calls.

So, I suggest it is up to the cities and county to pony up the funds to keep this organization afloat, a temporary fix in the interest of the taxpayers whose lives may be at risk without ambulance service.

For city and county leaders to ignore the ambulance companies plight would be an act of negligence on the part of our elected officials. Funds are available courtesy of the CARES Act that Hidalgo County is set to receive. This is one case that deserves that money.

Jake Longoria


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