LETTERS: Please protect your children; Fishing holes now off limits

Please protect your children

During this virus I see young mothers with babies at the store, with no mask or covering for the baby, but mom has a mask on. Do parents now care so little for their children, or is it just a want to be shopping?

These women were shopping for clothing and nonessential items. Being at stores twice over the last six weeks, trying to buy essential items, and seeing this behavior is appalling.

Employees say there is nothing they can do.

No one is above having this virus attack. Grow up and take better care of your children, get a babysitter, or better yet, stay home. No one wants to sacrifice their freedoms, but sometimes you have to use a little thing called common sense. All the shopping in the world won’t keep a child safe. Stay home.

Mary Buck


Fishing holes now off limits

While growing up in the ’70s and ’80s in Elsa we used to have great access to terrific fishing area, Delta Lake, Panchitas and the irrigation channel.

Having access to local waterways is how a lot of us did family bonding.

Nowadays all these areas are off limits to the public due to vandalism by idiots.

Jesus Rodriguez


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