LETTERS: Shakeup is needed; Accept change; Offense not taken; Values assessed; Doctors, nurses, others thanked

Shakeup is needed

The Monitor’s editorial on May 3, as I read it, seems to promote Gov. Abbott’s reelection. If you look at the history of Texas over the past 20 years, I find these disturbing facts.

Texas ranks last in so many very important areas of government and practices. Education is almost last, uninsured last, testing for COVID-19 near last, caring for foster kids last, and responding to disasters last. The list goes on and on.

With the attitude in Washington, D.C. that we have a president who is omnipotent seeming to be trickling down to the states, we are in trouble. Why are 100,000 people dying from COVID-19 this year an acceptable number?

We need a shakeup in political offices all over the country. There seems to be a consensus all over that lives do not matter. But there seems to be the attitude that politicians can control women’s lives and their main duty is to have children.

Bill Williams


Accept change

It looks like the politicians have won over the medical experts and we are opening up; to what they don’t know, and it seems many don’t care. Reminds me of an old tune with the line “whatever will be, will be.” No matter what “will be,” don’t you think it would be wise to learn something from this trip into virus land?

How about we learn that rather than living from paycheck to paycheck we put something aside? Say, maybe, because of increasing weather extremes, economic unrest and a new virus every year, it should be enough for at least 60 days of normal expenses without a paycheck. To do that we could also learn to live within our means. You know, like maybe a 40-inch TV would provide the same entertainment as a 60-inch. Maybe two nights out a week rather than four. Or, perish the thought, keep the car another year.

Maybe we could also learn some political lessons. Certainly, it would be better to have a functional national health system rather than a hodgepodge of hospitals, insurance companies and pharmaceuticals competing for dollars rather than cures. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Republicans would find a candidate who cares about people and the Democrats would find one who wouldn’t throw money at anything that moves?

While we are at it, shouldn’t we demand our government spend only on essentials and cut the pork? Especially cut those that have no return on investment such as outdated armaments, foreign aid outside of our hemisphere, subsidies that actually hinder capitalism and ask Americans to pay higher prices and of course, silly walls that have been proven unable to protect us even from children.

So my friends, let’s learn, let’s improve, let’s be better than we were. All we have to do is accept change.

Ned Sheats


Offense not taken

I had to chuckle as I sipped my lukewarm second cup of strong coffee with cream and sweetener! The Monitor, in my mind a fairly neutral paper, had several letters to the editor, one lambasting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for wanting a few pork barrel additions to the coronavirus relief bill (May 1).

Another letter again picked on Speaker Pelosi for the same reasons, and said the media pick on our president. The letter writer went on praising the president for delivering on promises he made and how well he’s dealing with the pandemic.

The final writer claims how leftwing The Monitor and its left-wing articles are, while praising the president and asking if “anyone in their right mind think Joe Biden would be better?”

This is where the chuckles kicked in! Evidently the “left-wing” Monitor has not been offended by those who think they’re being offended.

Bob Parker Jr.


Values assessed

Nazi Germany banned abortions, at the request of the Roman Catholic Church. It banned pornography and homosexuality. Catholic priests taught morals based upon Christianity in all schools. Daily Christian school prayers were led by the clergy. There was no separation of government and religion. The pope directed all priests in Germany to pray for the success of the Third Reich.

If the names were changed to protect the guilty, how would it differ from the desires of the evangelical churches? Since Reagan, the GOP has been moving toward fascism. But now it has moved to Nazism. Texas’ lieutenant governor suggests grandparents are willing to die for the U.S. economy. How many did he ask?

Does this sound like the GOP in Texas? “In October 1939 Adolf Hitler did something extremely unusual. He signed a document which linked him directly with a course of action which could reflect badly on him — the socalled ‘adult euthanasia’ policy of killing selected disabled patients. The document, which allowed his physician, Dr. (Karl) Brandt, and one of his secretariat, Philipp Bouhler, to pursue a policy of ‘mercy killing’ was backdated — significantly — to 1 September 1939, the day the Nazis invaded Poland.”

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said, “There are more important things than living.” I assume Patrick will support legislation to make adult euthanasia legal to anyone who is worried about their children or will be a drain on the economy.

I have heard no Texas Republicans claim the Dan Patrick is wrong. Their silence is agreement. So much for claiming to be true Americans.

Hank Shiver


Doctors, nurses, others thanked

COVID-19 has made a negative impact on people throughout the world and doesn’t discriminate on people’s ethnicity, gender and economical status.

In the U.S. and other countries, the true heroes are the doctors and nurses who “are in the trenches,” in close proximity with people who are gravely ill. Even if they are wearing protective clothing, the United States has lost many dedicated and courageous doctors and nurses.

It has been extraordinary for retired doctors and nurses to come out of retirement to volunteer to work at hospitals to help the overworked doctors and nurses. This has helped minimize the death rate. For this we thank all the doctors and nurses. Your efforts and work ethics are greatly appreciated.

In the four counties in the Valley, key personnel such as county judges and mayors via TV and newspaper media have frequently kept their communities informed with guidelines, pleas and suggestions to help maintain the health and safety of Valleyites. Thanks.

Due to the vast number of people who are unemployed, food banks and other businesses, too many to recognize, thanks. Food and other contributions are greatly appreciated. Most schools in the Valley provided noon lunches for all students. School board members, thanks.

Lastly, let’s all continue to be receptive, helpful, cooperative and friendly to each other in this type of crisis.

Pete Romero


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