MISSION — Valley View’s Aleksander and Damian Gomez entered the world with a special bond.

More than just twin brothers, the two grew closer as they got older and began playing sports on the same teams.

From little league through their days as two of the Rio Grande Valley’s top football players at the high school level, they’ve always supported one another on and off the field.

Now, the Gomez twins have been granted another opportunity to continue going to battle together as the two signed to play football at Southwestern University in Georgetown on Saturday in front of family, friends and coaches.

“It’s great getting to experience this with my brother, getting to go to college with him and living the dreams we’ve worked so hard for since we were little,” Aleksander said.

“Ever since freshman year, we had a goal to go play college ball no matter where, and we made it, so I’m very proud of both of us. It means the world to have all the support of our family,” Damian said. “I feel they’re the backbone of everything we do, and without them, it wouldn’t be possible.”

Twin brothers Aleksander, seated left center, and Damian Gomez, seated right center, signed to continue their football careers together at Southwestern University.

The Gomez brothers transferred from Valley View ISD before their freshman year and played their first three seasons for the Mission High Eagles. As seniors, the Gomez brothers returned home to play for the Valley View Tigers. No matter where they went however, they were always team leaders and players who earned the respect of their opponents with their play on the field.

“We worked hard these four years. Transferring schools, it was tough, but we made it happen. I’m just glad I have the opportunity to go play college football,” Aleksander said.

One of the RGV’s hardest-hitting defenders over the last four years, Aleksander routinely disrupted opposing offenses from his linebacker position, blowing up plays in the backfield with blazing speed from sideline to sideline.

Damian said watching his brother light up ball-carriers was always a highlight for him.

“Being on the sideline, watching him dominate offenses — it’s amazing watching him play. He’s a force,” Damian said of his brother. “He’s a horse. He could be on the offensive side, defensive side, special teams — he did it all for us these last four years.”

While Aleksander wreaked havoc defensively, Damian always held things down as the quarterback and leader of his team’s offense. A dual-threat QB, Damian hurt teams with his arms and his legs, but Aleksander said the strongest part of Damian’s game is his mind.

“The way he picks defenses apart, it’s been great seeing him play. When I’m on the sideline and he’s playing offense, it’s like poetry seeing him play. It’s fun,” Aleksander said of Damian.

Despite their bond, when the time came to compete against each other in practice growing up, they always pushed each other. That’s what they say helped them improve.

“We’re not friends on the field. We know that it’s a battle between me and him,” Damian said. “I’m going to try to pick him apart just like he’s going to try to pick me apart. It’s a battle like that everyday on the field, and even off the field. We tried to push each other to get a 4.0 GPA at the end of our four years, and we did it. It’s good to always have someone there to push you.”

Now, Aleksander and Damian are bound for Southwestern University in Georgetown, an NCAA Division III school which competes in the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference.

“It’s just great to know that you have your brother on your side,” Aleksander said. “At the end of the day, win or lose, I did it with my brother and we had fun. It’s been a great experience ever since we picked up the football.”