Pharr cleaning canals ahead of hurricane season

The city of Pharr has initiated preventive measures in anticipation of the 2020 hurricane season, which begins June 1.

In a news release, the city explained that its leaders are conducting major preventive maintenance on over 12 miles of channels as part of the city’s drainage canal system.

The maintenance, which is scheduled twice a year, includes cleaning of overgrown brush, clearing of debris and garbage from illegal dumping, as well as dredging the canals to allow for easier and more productive flow through the city’s drainage system.

“As we prepare for the beginning of the 2020 hurricane season, your Pharr city leaders are aware of the importance of proper care and maintenance of our drainage infrastructure,” Pharr Mayor Ambrosio Hernandez said in the release. “The City of Pharr continues to make great strides in upgrading and improving our city’s drainage system, and ensuring our canals are clear and free of brush and debris is a vital component of our hurricane preparedness.”

City leaders want residents to remember that it is illegal to dump debris and garbage in or around the canal entrances as it can cause significant blockage, impede the flow of stormwater out of the city, and cause unnecessary flooding to the surrounding area.

“Our drainage system works as intended if we all do our part. The city maintains the drainage system’s canals, and we call on all residents to refrain from illegal dumping,” Hernandez said. “As we prepare for this year’s hurricane season, ensuring our canals are kept clean will help reduce flooding in our area.”