LETTERS: Article praised

Article praised

Congratulations on a terrific article about the Ramirez doctors.

Back in 1960, my grandmother, Emilia Schunior Ramirez, was teaching Spanish at Pan American College. She developed pancreatic cancer, which was terminal.

She had taught Mario Ramirez during her public school teaching days in Starr County. He remembered and loved her dearly. So he told my dad to bring Doña Emilia to his clinic in Roma and he and the team provided hospice care gratis through the end of her life.

Years later, I worked at Channel 4 and covered election results from Starr County. I developed a brutal sore throat and fever and could not drive back home. So Dr. Mario put me up in his clinic, shot me up with penicillin and had his angel nurses restore me to good health.

And what Dr. Norman says is so true: “It’s funny how it draws you back, right?”

My wife and I have lived in Glendale (Phoenix), Chicagoland, Santa Cruz, Calif., and Dallas (Irving).

We grew up in Edinburg and McAllen and “It’s funny,” we came back — not for the first or last time — in 2008. Your article and writing skills make us glad we did.

Peace out.

Robert Ramirez


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