LETTERS: Gratitude deserved

Gratitude deserved

There are no words to express our eternal gratitude to our first responders during this devastating COVID-19 pandemic.

The doctors’ and other medical personnel’s devotion to saving lives, our government leaders’ daily updates on social distancing to keep us all from harm, the magnificent staffs of our grocers, restaurant food providers and many essential business providers, all dedicated to serving our families in need define the core and fiber of simple kindness and goodness in our community. They do this quietly, with great risk to their own health, without expecting anything in return. That is indeed noble and awe-inspiring.

Neighbors helping each other devising ways to care for each other without jeopardizing social distancing safety. Goodness and caring is alive and well in our Rio Grande Valley community.

During this dark pandemic episode in our world, the light of God’s goodness and the charity of His people shines defiantly against this sinister monster called COVID-19.

Imelda Coronado


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