LETTERS: Reopening questioned

Reopening questioned

Editor: As Gov. Abbott releases plans to reopen business in the state, consider this: It’s not how fast we can reopen the economy, it’s how many deaths and whose deaths we are OK with. What Abbott means when he talks about loosening restrictions and seeing what happens is: people will die.

Widespread testing data and the willingness to do what may not be politically popular or in line with the president is what’s going to make a difference.

We must prepare ourselves for a major outbreak in Texas within a month, if this push to “open” continues before any basic criteria are met.

Certainty it is tempting, the desire for relief is real, but if we push forward before the science says we are ready, more Texans will die.

The Spanish flu lasted two years. Most of the deaths did not happen in the first wave.

Brace yourselves.

Noah Masterson


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