COMMENTARY: Police thank community for Police Week support

We are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. The coronavirus has impacted life as we know it. Regardless, last week we paused in an already slowed world and our communities rose above the gray clouds that are life in what we now refer to as the “new normal.”

Each year, the week of May 15 is designated as Police Week and May 15 as Peace Officer Memorial Day.

No pandemic could keep our communities from honoring the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice. In this new normal, communities adjusted and honored their own in their own way.

The city of McAllen was no different. Although abbreviated, face-masked and as socially distanced as possible, we paused. We prayed. We roll-called those we lost in the line of duty It was and forever will be our duty to honor them. These pandemic times are a temporary hardship. Their death is forever. As is customary in the city of McAllen, we were joined and honored by our mayor and McAllen city commissioners.

We reserve our biggest thanks for our community. Throughout Police Week, members of our community including individual citizens and business owners from local to corporate businesses let us know they appreciated police officers in our great community. Food, drinks and treats for all McAllen Police Department personnel were delivered to us throughout the entire week.

Yes, some of those treats were donuts.

We are humbled at the entirety of these gestures and have found ourselves at a loss for words to adequately express our gratefulness.

So we pause today to say in the most sincere manner, thank-you to McAllen!

Victor Rodriguez is McAllen police chief.