LETTERS: How many deaths are OK?

How many deaths are OK?

Lt. Gov. Patrick justified his position a month ago that the shutdown was not needed based on the number of deaths in Texas. The death total in Texas when he made his justification was 495. He appears to have made this justification with the understanding that the death toll would be the same without the stay-at-home orders.

Experts disagree with this assessment based on the original models. The models at the time he made his original claim predicted between 1 million and 2 million deaths.

The models now predict a fraction of the original number of deaths.

If the state had not instituted stay-at-home orders and the original models had been correct, the deaths in Texas would be around 9,000. Would that still be acceptable?

Patrick’s statement makes me think of the argument against security and law enforcement. How do you prove that they curtail crime?

So under his argument, let’s do away with security and law enforcement; it would save billions. Let’s see what happens.

Roger Hyer


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