LETTERS: Many vets need help; Home appraisal raises extreme; Evaluating our response; Official praised

Many vets need help

I served on the USS Nimitz 76-8. I have seen two popes on my ship. I am E-6 frocked as my last pay grade; I served diligently and proudly.

With regard to those who say President Trump should get rid of food stamps, there are thousands of U.S. military people on food stamps, and to say this is shameful and inhumane.

People need a helping hand. This has always been a compassionate and caring country as I know it. I have always supported every elected president, Democrat or Republican, but I am sorry to say that I cannot support this one. Too many lies; dictators and aristocrats have come into power by lying to the public.

People are not helping but supporting a dangerous man and supporting something that is very dangerous in this time of need.

Stay informed, not influenced. Shame on those who make hateful comments. We are all immigrants, whether you accept it or not, with the exception of native Americans.

Enough, already. See you at the polls.

Please, people, vote! Together we will get through this.

This is not fake news or lies: 50,000 veterans are homeless, 383,947 have traumatic brain injuries, 307,000 are pending healthcare claims and 20 die each day of suicide.

What happened to “Make America Great Again,” “God Save This Country and “Leave No Man Behind”?

Stay safe.

Rafael Martinez USS Nimitz CVN 28


Home appraisal raises extreme

Why would the Hidalgo County Appraisal District send outlandish raises on home values at this time when everyone’s dealing with this pandemic? I own a 1982 model manufactured home with fewer than 1,000 square feet and got a $14,000-a-year raise on my home value. Not land, just this home I mentioned. No improvements whatsoever.

A guy in Donna saw his appraisal go from $62,000 to $120,000.

New courthouse over budget or what?

Wayne Grigsby


Editor’s note: Texas Tax Code Section 23 requires that property be appraised at market value. It also limits appraisal increases to 10% per year.

Evaluating our response

An article in The Week magazine of April 17 compares the promptness of the USA in combating the present COVID-19 problem with the quick and effective response to it by South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan.

The article points out that South Korea learned to be prepared for the present virus from a 2015 MERS virus attack and Singapore and Taiwan from a 2003 SARS virus problem. Ending the article is a quote from Su Ih-jen of Taiwan’s Centers for Disease Control stating that the situation now in the Western countries resembles that of Taiwan in 2003, and concludes with Ih-jen’s, “You are not ready, you have no experience.”

The Week, in another edition, quotes U.S. news sources condemning Trump’s administration for our COVID-19 problem. All of which makes one wonder how harshly the Trump administration and its predecessors should be blamed for our present situation.

And so, should we make a firm decision on this matter now, or wait until history makes its evaluation?

William L. Lemen


Official praised

The McAllen Chamber of Commerce president, Steve Ahlenius, is a five-star president. This man is so good, he could be the president of any chamber in the United States.

We are so fortunate to have him here in McAllen. He is a great man doing a great job. All of McAllen should be proud.

Bob Stiff


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