LETTERS: Spoiled people; Remove all restrictions

Spoiled people

You are spoiled.

We all are.

The “end of times” is not now.

The world has been ending since the day it began. Famine, disease, war, genocides and world weather disasters have been happening long before your daddy looked at your mama with those sexy eyes and made you.

Stop looking for gloom, gore and death! My gosh. You, I and this planet are thriving!

Mother Nature isn’t just trees, rain and weather — it’s organisms, viruses and germs!

Yes, we can and should do what we can to prevent and hinder the spread of this novel disease, but please realize it’s a false sense of control. You have no control. God takes you when he decides.

I’m not saying this to induce fear but instead acceptance.

Sweethearts, just live life (following all proper social distancing and hygiene protocols) and be happy.

The end of times is not now.

Please don’t be one of those people pushing that absolutely ridiculous idea. The truth is, we all are spoiled rotten. Even with the pandemic and the current situation the people of past atrocities would beg and sell their souls to be living your “horrible” life today (watching Netflix shows and enjoying amazing takeout in the comfort of your own homes).

Throughout history tens of millions of men, women and children have lost their lives in genocide or mass atrocities.

Millions more have been tortured, raped or forced from their homes. Millions of lives lost to pandemics, plagues and disastrous weather.

Grab a book and be thankful that what you consider a sign for the ends of times is a piece of cake to millions and millions of souls from times past.

Just live life, spread love and hope, not gloom and end-oftimes crap. Just smile. Your time ends when you die. This world will keep on spinning.

Lana Hortencia


Remove all restrictions

Enough of this tyrannical lockdown! Someone said: “Quarantine is when you restrict movement of sick people.

Tyranny is when you restrict the movement of healthy people.”

Instead of removing the benches at local parks, McAllen Mayor Jim Darling and all other Valley mayors should be pressuring Gov. Greg Abbott to quickly reopen the economy.

Your cities look like ghost towns!

Stand in line, six feet away.

Only 25 people in the store at the same time. Wear a mask.

I can’t even stand next to my own daughter while at the H-E-B registers. Daily it seems that more of our rights and freedoms are restricted, limited and controlled.

According to Time magazine (June 2019), the 2018-2019 flu season saw about 60,000 deaths. In 2017-2018, the deaths numbered about 80,000. To date, Texas has about 950 deaths (about 72,000 in the U.S.) due to the coronavirus. For this, we tanked the economy.

Regrettably, flu season is deadly every year. What an overreaction. All models of projected illness and deaths of the COVID-19 virus were wildly exaggerated and this misinformation caused great societal panic.

Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted that he convinced President Trump to lock down the economy or 22 million Americans would die. This decision destroyed the U.S. economy. In March, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel estimated that 100 million people would contract COVID-19. To date there is about 3.8 million cases.

Studies have shown that the coronavirus is only slightly more deadly than a seasonal flu.

Good thing for us the economy under Trump was excellent. We don’t know how horrible the economic damage will be, but we know it will be huge. And we are still nowhere near the total flu deaths we see each year.

Time to get back to work! But wash your hands.

Joel Ramirez


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