LETTERS: Doing wrong; Crisis ignored; Great job by Trump; They’re not hoarders

Doing wrong

As I listen to the sound of no cars passing in front of my home I can’t help but wonder if COVID-19 is a thief of personal freedoms or a reminder that those freedoms we have so long enjoyed came at a price. While we should be looking at it as a harbinger of things to come, we seem to consider it more as an affront to our personal freedoms.

I have no intent to preach or lecture, only to remind. For hundreds of years we used and abused the planet, maybe far beyond the point of it recovering. We fouled our rivers and lakes with untreated waste and then reaped the reward of the Black Death and other epidemics throughout the industrial revolution and beyond. We poisoned the air with exhaust from millions of unneeded and inefficient horsepower and watched as lung cancer and emphysema flourished.

Now as the Earth warms, new viruses pop up on nearly a yearly basis; we will reap what we have sown.

Beyond our pollution we waste resources, human lives and money, and compromise our morals by always challenging the right to exist of some other race, religion, orientation or culture, through countless wars supposedly to maintain those freedoms we believe we deserve.

Yet, here we are in the 21st century with brilliant minds explaining that we are causing our own demise, providing the needed evidence and offering remedies. Yet, we have not taken responsibility, have not curbed our wants, have not sacrificed even a bit of our personal freedom.

It is worse now, since we know what we are doing wrong. We don’t need to make the pollutants or start the wars. We have the technology to stop but we don’t.

Instead we fulfill our needs and then give in to our wants. We climb the mountain of greed, never seeming to care that the supply of everything is finite and that the fall from the top will certainly be fatal.

Ned Sheats


Crisis ignored

We’re in a real crisis in America today because of the coronavirus outbreak that has gripped America. There have been many reports coming out that Mr. Trump was advised since early January that the virus that was hitting China could blow up and become a worldwide pandemic threat.

So how did Mr. Trump take the warning of this now full-blown pandemic virus that has not only infected more than a million American and has already killed more than 50,000. This president took it as a hoax, saying, “by the time summer comes it will be all over.”

This president has surrounded himself with nothing but yes-men. If anyone in his Cabinet has a different opinion than his, he fires them.

President Trump has shown that the results of this pandemic crisis could has been minimized in this country if he had acted quicker and had taken this virus seriously. Instead Mr. Trump turned his attention to himself.

This is a problem when you have an ego-driven person who has the Snow White syndrome: “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

The sad thing is that because of his stupid ignorance, millions of American are scared and in doubt about their future.

I wonder if all the Trump loyalists still think he can do no wrong. Or will Trump still claim, “I handle everything perfectly”?

America, wake up and vote this idiot out of office. We did not elect a king like Mr. Trump thinks he is. Let’s take back America.

Jesus Rodriguez


Great job by Trump

President Trump has done a fine job in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic; all the states are getting their fair share of equipment and New York has more beds than patients. Yet the media are hell-bent on reporting on the worst — patients dying in the hallways, refrigerated trucks being loaded with corpses, nurses wearing trash bags for protection and so on and so forth.

How about all the patients who are getting well, like the 103-year-old Italian woman who overcame COVID-19, the lady who was prescribed hydroxychloroquine and got better, the ordinary people who donated masks to hospitals?

Yes, we were taken by surprise, but this virus awoke the sleeping giant of the American can-do spirit, and just as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow we will overcome this pandemic.

Jake Longoria


They’re not hoarders

This is in response to “Stockpiled,” your editorial printed March 31. Do you know what a hoarder is? A hoarder is a person who collects, stashes, stockpiles and accumulates items that he or she will probably never use again. By contrast, these so-called “hoarders” bought toilet paper, hand sanitizer, bleach, soap, food and other goods that will be used now and at a later date.

A better word for them would be “preppers.” There are few words in the dictionary that will convince you otherwise.

These people began to prepare for an incident they saw coming.

I hope that after reading my letter you will see it from a different perspective. The stay-at-home order had not been issued yet and they were already making adequate preparations for themselves and others. Right now they and their loved ones are waiting it out like all the rest of us.

Guadalupe Castillo


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