LETTERS: Some basic questions; Fall forecast: birth tsunami; President critiqued; Thoughts on faith; Dismissal draws fire

Some basic questions

A time of reflection (which most of us find time to do now): 1. How many can say that back when President Trump stated that he was leaving our state and local governments to respond to COVID-19, anyone complained to those officials that they weren’t doing enough and we needed a lockdown or stronger measures? Answer: Very few.

2. How many can say or give a list from 14 days ago until today every place they went besides being home? Answer: Very few.

3. How many can say or approximate a number of people you have had contact with in the last 14 days? Answer Very few.

A final question: 4. How many of you want life to return back to normal? Answer: Everybody.

John West


Fall forecast: birth tsunami

I was just looking at the numbers and figured out that by November we will have a tsunami of baby births due to the sequestration by the coronavirus and may benefit one of the presidential candidates, but I will let you be the judge on that. Trump of course will be held responsible for the birth rate where thousands will be most likely be named Donald.

If we can’t laugh during a crises, what can we do?

Rafael Madrigal


President critiqued

Donald Trump wants to be called a “wartime president,” entirely appropriately since he has been waging war against this country from Day One. He’s always picking marketing bits from history, as whispered to him by his flunkies, that succeeded in glorifying genuinely great people — slogans like “America first” or honorifics like “Great Emancipator.”

His war has run the gamut from the personal to the national: Degrading the level of discourse into the gutter, denigrating anybody of accomplishments and integrity and elevating amorality. And nationally, having no concept of acting for the public good, only for what he thinks is good for him, literally trying to demolish the principles and structure of this country’s democracy, transforming government into his own mob cartel.

In a recent poll, 55% of those polled were negative about the response to COVID-19, but blamed “the federal government” for the trouble. Somebody asked why Trump is not named instead, and the answer was, “Because his supporters think the government is their enemy and that he is fighting it for them.”

It would be laughable, if not so dangerous, that he really believes he is “great” and that anything he says and does can have no relation to truth or value and will never be questioned.

John Garza


Thoughts on faith

I’ve seen a declaration of faith post or some version of it circling around.

Here are my two cents.

1. The world has been ending since the beginning of time.

2. War, famine, earthquakes, disease, etc., have been happening since the first day God breathed life into this world.

3. The world ends for the people who die. Not others.

4. Hard times, tough times, dark times are not the end of times.

5. If you decide to get “good with God” now and declare your everlasting love and following during this pandemic and actually believe end times are near, your newfound faith is not sincere; it’s an insurance plan, just in case.

6. A Facebook post declaring your faith is real or that you worship God does not make it a fact. It’s a Facebook post.

7. Being truly in line with God will never translate into sharing a post declaring so; it’s living life his way. It’s helping even if you can’t. It’s praying for and helping others. It’s living a life of compassionate, empathy and faith. It’s sacrificing for others. It’s helping those who maybe you don’t like or approve of. It’s actions.

8. If you truly believe, then you would live absent fear. True faith in and especially during tough times is acceptance of what is, what was and what will be.

9. Trusting God means never to wish or pray this disease away. Yes, reread that. Truly trusting God means believing and trusting and hoping that his will be done on Earth as it is in heaven. Only he knows his plans. We are not even capable to understand his reasoning or logic.

10. No one on heaven or earth including the Simpsons, a psychic, a fortune-telling book, a Netflix show, Nostradamus, a witch or your grandmama know the day or the hour of the end of times or the return of Jesus.

11. Live happy. Have peace. Follow the law of the land (that means stay home). Above all, trust in God and instead of hitting “share now” on some religious post, get up and help your neighbors, protect your family and purposely live a life of gratitude. Remember, this too shall pass.

Hortencia Camargo


Dismissal draws fire

This letter addresses the unjust political termination of Navy aircraft carrier Capt. Brett Crozier for not following the Navy protocol rules.

The captain of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, with 2,700 crew members, was battling the ever-growing pandemic crisis on his ship. The immediate help he needed was too slow in coming. He resorted to public awareness to save lives.

The media release brought an immediate response with swift consequences of termination for the captain, whose only request was to secure help for the sick on his ship.

The action to remove the captain was fully supported by the Navy leadership and the president.

Most of us are well aware that our commander in chief was in hoax mode and virus denial for some time. He often disregards medical facts and research for this purpose.

The chain of command response was too slow to address the pandemic crisis unfolding on the ship.

What options if any did the captain have to save the lives of his men?

He risked his job and did what men of courage and honor do in service to our country.

Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly arrived immediately to make things right for the president and establish discipline.

Seeking the media’s help to save his crew’s lives was a betrayal of trust and confidence and would result in the swift dishonorable removal of the ship’s commander.

There was no investigation in place for the career serviceman who sacrificed his life for his country. No medal of Honor or praise for the captain, who tried to protect his men from the virus that had infected 173 of his crew. Medals of Honor are reserved for people like Rush Limbaugh.

Later Modly was determined to further demean he captain by addressing the ship’s crew over a loudspeaker and refer to the ship’s captain as stupid and naive.

In this instance, Modly was more concerned with pleasing the president by using the same type of derogatory language that Trump uses to belittle people.

Modly did not follow the Navy rules of professionalism or respect, and most important, did not show any concern for the servicemen battling the COVID-19.

Apparently, Modly’s misguided loyalty is to the president rather than our country and servicemen. His primary job is to protect the president of any controversy that is not praiseworthy of him.

We expect the Republicans to remain supportive and just as loyal to the president.

I hope that the Democrats and we as a grateful nation will assume the responsibility to stand up for genuine heroes like Capt. Crozier who deserve to be respectfully acknowledged for their loyal service to our nation and the sacrifices they make for the rest of us.

May the captain and servicemen who contracted COVID-19 be blessed with a full recovery.

A heartfelt thank-you to all our servicemen and their families. May God bless all of you abundantly.

Elia Franz


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