LETTERS: Tell us which areas to avoid; Funding items draw critique; Pelosi blasted; Trump praised on virus actions

Tell us which areas to avoid

City officials and police can help stop the virus. It would help those of us not infected with COVID-19 to know what neighborhoods and their associated stores were frequented by those in Hidalgo County who now have the virus.

We have to shop and avoiding those stores where the infected people may have left virus spores on products, doors, gas pumps, etc., would help stop the rest of us from getting sick.

Nando Garcia


Funding items draw critique

How many of us “We the People” will ever get to attend a gala at the Kennedy Center?

No, it’s only for the elite of our country, the rich and famous, the highfalutin of our society. So when Sen. Lindsey Graham said Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a gun, “figuratively” to his head to get the coronavirus relief bill passed, these are things she and her party wanted. So to quote Graham, “She’s the first politician to blame another politician for people dying. “This is the same speaker of the House who held up the bill in the Senate for days because she wanted same-day voting, she wanted carbon neutrality for the airlines, she wanted $75 million for the Endowment for the Humanities and she wanted $25 million for the Kennedy Center. …

What he hell has that got to do with saving lives that are affected by the coronavirus?”

Senator, I second your emotion!

Jake Longoria


Pelosi blasted

Thank you, Nancy Pelosi! The next time I visit the Kennedy Center in New York City, I’ll send you a thank-you note. Of course, I fully realize providing millions of dollars to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts was much more important and deserving than providing relief money in a rapid and timely fashion to hospitals, doctor’s offices, nurses, small businesses and the multitude of citizens out of work due to this coronavirus pandemic.

We certainly know where your priorities are.

And I’ll probably send “Thinking of you” notes to the Kennedy Center musicians who were laid off shortly after you finally allowed the relief package you had delayed to be passed in the House.

Your grasp of what American citizens need and want really seems to be on the wrong fast track. Being a senior citizen, I know I’m really looking forward to higher taxes, not being able to afford electricity or gasoline, not being able to legally keep my guns and paying for abortions on demand until and even after birth. This is but a small sampling of what your party leaders are promising to deliver if elected in November.

Your sometimes ridiculous and often false criticism of the president and that of your fellow Democrats plus the mainstream media seems endless. Your negativity toward him and his team of experts from various fields (scientists, doctors, financial people, etc.), I feel, makes you think you can really solidify the American citizenry against the president during this crisis. The problem is, the vast majority of Americans want results and not just the talk, promises, theatrics and political correctness you and the media push so well.

President Trump has delivered on promises he made and he is now dealing with this coronavirus pandemic with authority and effectiveness and he is keeping the nation informed of his actions. God bless him and all those dealing with this national crisis.

We should all work together.

Like they say, “Together we stand, divided we fall.”

Melvin L. Thompson


Trump praised on virus actions

Every day I read in the leftwing Monitor left-wing articles, and I never see an answer from anyone regarding how they can do a better job than President Trump is doing with the virus. I also recall never seeing anyone ever say what a great economy we had going, with the lowest unemployment ever, more people of color working than ever and no longer dependent on other countries for our oil.

Does anyone in there right mind think Joe Biden would be better? If you do, you should see your doctor, because you probably have dementia, just like Joe.

Bill Roullier


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