LETTERS: Pork-filled bailout bill; No provision for evictions; Weathering the storm; Trump blasted

Pork-filled bailout bill

The American taxpayer has been duped again by all of the politicians in Washington. Ever notice how they all seem to bicker and fight until we are almost at a crisis, then they negotiate a bunch of pork to get the other party to sign the bill?

The $2 trillion virus bill is so full of pet projects that have nothing to do with the pandemic and we can’t afford them. We are so far in debt now that we will never get out, yet we just keep voting trillions of dollars for the African nations and to keep the Kennedy Museum open; they have nothing to do with our current situation.

The politicians should be ashamed of themselves. Grown, mature individuals openly stealing from the American people whom they claim to love.

I wish I could find a way to vote all of them out!

Charles Cockrill


No provision for evictions

I have been a resident of Hidalgo County for 40 years. For 30 of those years I worked every day in Cameron County, so I feel very invested in both counties. So when I compared the two counties’ shelter-at-home orders, there was one striking difference.

Cameron County includes the following: “Due to the public health emergency the Office of the Cameron County Judge hereby advises: The Cameron County Justices of the Peace to suspend eviction hearings and writs of possession for at least the next 30 days to prevent renters from being displaced.

Further the Office of the Cameron County Judge advises that foreclosure proceedings within Cameron County be temporarily suspended for at least the next 30 days to prevent the displacement of occupants during the public health emergency.

Hidalgo County’s order doesn’t address this issue at all. Why?

How can a family shelter at home if they are evicted from their home?

Jim Chapman


Weathering the storm

In times of peril and of strife, when troubled waters begin to rise and tears begin to fall like raindrops from the heavens, and when darkness fills the sky with dread, do not despair or rage against the cold and lonely fear that takes your breath away.

Do not let the weariness of helplessness diminish you or weaken you. Let the morning rays of hope break through the darkness of the approaching day, and let the sunshine shed its light upon the fearlessness that lies beneath the grief and sorrow that cradled you to sleep.

Do not let the approaching raging waters destroy the certainty of faith. For weathering the storm requires three elements of faith: trusting and believing in the impossible, imaging and conceiving of the improbable and expecting the incredible — the brilliance of a rainbow at the end of the storm.

Let the troubled waters flow and surge and ebb. Let the healing waves of time begin to heal the wounds and tears that will be left behind the swirling human storm. And when morning breaks, the calm will overtake the turbulence and chaos.

We will cross the troubled waters, weathering the storm. Stronger than before. Greater than we were. Humbler than the arrogance of our past.

We will survive.

Al Garcia

Palm Valley

Trump blasted

The president may have escaped impeachment conviction by his republican Senate. He will always be known for the impeached president who got away. Yet he is being tested again for his lack of direction this country needs in this time of great need due to a natural disaster confronting the world. His need to be praised and good positive feedback from his followers is lacking because everyone is concerned for his/ her health, not his use of super adjectives like (great, beautiful, wonderful, wall).

Now that he is alone and his backers in Congress no longer joke about his disdain for advice, he seems lost as he played with the American lives by not addressing the virus as he should from learning of its existence in China a few months ago. He plainly believed it was a hoax concocted by his perceived enemy, the media. Now we are all headed for a hellish time of who knows how many months.

Instead of leading with conviction to slow down the virus such as getting the nation to begin preparing with needed supplies to deal with the pandemic, he chose to play it down.

But there is hope. The private sector is coming up with repurposing of the manufacturing structure. The ingeniousness of the American people will prevail.

God bless America. We will get through the pandemic, no thanks to our leader.

Please remember when President Obama dealt with H1N1 without scandals and controversy; what a difference in leadership. No one went into panic mode, buying supplies off the shelves selfishly, not considering our fellow Americans. But that is another story for someone else to write.

Oscar Garza


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