LETTERS: McAllen applauded

McAllen applauded

I love McAllen and the Rio Grande Valley. When the flowers and trees get their new spring leaves and blooms, I just marvel at the beauty of the area in which I live. The golden puffs of the huisache tree, the yellow retama, the beautiful white flowers of the wild olive trees and so many other spring flowering plants and trees just delight me.

I applaud McAllen for adding the recreation and cultural benefits to the city. The outstanding parks and lighted walkways are meticulously maintained. I love Bicentennial Avenue. Between Nolana Avenue and Trenton, mosaic and painted art has been added to the otherwise unsightly irrigation stand pipes. It’s amazing to see the stages of life of the monarch butterfly from the cocoon to the full-grown butterfly with the beautiful orange-and-blank distinguishing color of wings that have been painted on the standpipes for everyone to see.

I was delighted to see our beautiful South Texas green parrots being painted on the pipes near Bicentennial and Nolana and along 2nd Street the irrigation pipes are blooming with beautiful flowers and birds. (Who are these marvelous painters who were inspired to make the pipes beautiful?) I love that Bicentennial, just South of Nolana Avenue and along the walking trail, is graced by the planets of the solar system. I like to practice my planet skills by naming the planets in the correct order as I pass them.

As I drive around town, I see statues in parks and along drainage canals (I particularly love the “irrigator” at the canal on Nolana near 29th Street. It is a marvelous statue depicting our farming economic background of South Texas).

McAllen is to be congratulated on the Performing Arts Center that brings magnificent entertainment to all of us. For years we drove to San Antonio in order to see the Broadway shows in a nice venue — no more driving. The theater has such a great sound; I love hearing the great music of our local symphony orchestra when it performs at the center. Please know there is not a bad seat in the house; the acoustics are terrific in this venue.

Congratulations, McAllen, for offering citizens so many opportunities for entertainment and education. The city offers paddleboard lessons at the Fireman’s Park near 2nd Street and Business 83. The Nature Center on Business 83 west of Ware Road offers free or small fees for yoga and tai chi; nature walks, nature classes, crafts and more are found in the parks or community centers.

And oh my gosh, then there is Quinta Mazatlan, the heart of McAllen’s nature centers — what more can I say?

I love where I live. Thank you, McAllen and all of the surrounding areas, for all of the offered resources that add value to our already beautiful area. They enhance our life.

Marilyn Hardison


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