LETTERS: Latest test for Trump; Defying subpoenas; Causes of panic

Latest test for Trump

The president may have escaped impeachment conviction by his Republican Senate. He will always be known for the impeached president who got away.

Yet he is being tested again for his lack of direction this country needs in this time of great need due to a natural disaster confronting the world.

His need to be praised and good positive feedback from his followers is lacking because everyone is concerned for his/ her health, not his use of super adjectives like (great, beautiful, wonderful, wall).

Now that he is alone and his backers in Congress no longer joke about his disdain for advice, he seems lost as he played with American lives by not addressing the virus as he should from learning of its existence in China a few months ago. He plainly believed it was a hoax concocted by his perceived enemy, the media. Now we are all headed for a hellish time of who knows how many months.

Instead of leading with conviction to slow down the virus such as getting the nation to begin preparing with needed supplies to deal with the pandemic, he chose to play it down.

But there is hope. The private sector is coming up with repurposing of the manufacturing structure. The ingeniousness of the American people will prevail.

God bless America. We will get through the pandemic, no thanks to our leader.

Please remember president Obama, when he dealt with the H1N1 without scandals and controversy; what a difference in leadership. No one went into panic mode buying supplies off the shelves selfishly, not considering our fellow Americans. But that is another story for someone else to write.

Oscar Garza


Defying subpoenas

Whenever a student is sent to the principal’s office for interrupting the education process in the classroom and is not admonished, the student may continue the same trend — messing up. At the county level, when a constable delivers a summons to an individual, he/ she is expected to report to the courthouse at the date and time designated. If the individual does not show up, the judge will order for that individual to be arrested.

Lately, at the national level when a judiciary committee issues a subpoena to an individual, he/ she is expected to go before the committee and tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

In November several individuals testified what they knew about the Ukraine matter. They displayed courage and patriotism because they felt obligated to speak what they knew.

Of course, some were bombarded and criticized for telling the truth. But there were some who ignored the subpoenas because they were ordered by the White House not to testify.

Was it because they had something to hide? Evidently. This is a plain cover-up and obstruction of justice.

In my opinion there should be consequences for people who defy the subpoenas. This may happen in countries that are ruled by a king or dictator. Are we headed that way?

Pete Romero


Causes of panic

The late Carl Sagan was giving a speech about the end of the earth, and told the audience that eventually our sun would run out of fuel in about 4 billion years and grow into a red giant and the Earth would be destroyed.

During the question-and-answer portion after the speech an excited lady asked Sagan, “Did you say 4 million years before the earth’s destruction?” He replied, “No, I said 4 billion years,” to which she responded, “Thank God; you had me worried. I thought you said 4 million.”

Human nature is funny. We are panicked by the large and the small, most recently a microbe.

Jake Longoria


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