LETTERS: Take precautions against new virus; Reinstate uptick rule

Take precautions against new virus

A lot of people have erroneously believed the coronavirus is just the flu.

Modern medicine knows a lot about the flu. We have vaccines and medications that are effective against the flu. Very little is known about coronavirus. There are no vaccines and no concrete treatment and no known effective medications. This is not a simple epidemic. It is a pandemic.

Take an individual who gets the flu, for example. Within a few days, they get sick and begin to avoid people and seek medical care.

Contrast that with an individual who gets the coronavirus. For at least 14 days they feel well. They interact with people, cough into their hand, use the same hand to shake people, open doors in stores, breathe, sneeze on people, etc. This individual would unknowingly and unintentionally spread this virus for 14 days or more before getting sick. If during that period of time they infect 10 people and those 10 people unknowingly and unintentionally affect 10 other people each, you can imagine how this can get out of control and become a runaway disaster.

We do not have enough hospital beds in this country to care for such large numbers of people, not to talk of the number of nurses, ancillary medical staff, doctors needed to care for large masses of people. If on the other hand an infected individual interacts with 10 people and all of these 10 people are using their masks, washing hands and following prescribed safety precautions, the virus in effect will be restricted to the infected individual and contained.

The goal here is containment.

Please join the move to contain this pandemic. Remember, we do not have a cure yet.

God bless you all.

Dr. Mikson Ehimika

San Francisco

Reinstate uptick rule

“Short selling” is necessary to keep an economy in the black.

Short selling can help eliminate companies that could never have made a profit in the first place, either intentionally or unintentionally.

The short-selling “uptick” rule was put into place shortly after the 1929 Depression ended. It says one can only short-sell a stock if someone has purchased a share right before the short sell, which would make a share price likely to rise. Without the “uptick” rule, short selling would always drive the price down. And that is exactly how short sellers are contributing to the stock market sell-off today.

The uptick rule was removed in 2007. Why, I don’t know. But I do know it was a terrible action on “their” part. They replaced it with a 10% rule. The 10% rule says trading must stop if the S& P 500 drops 10% during a day’s trading.

Short sellers are the ones who are driving the market down. We must reinstate the uptick rule.

Nancy Pelosi has a “rescue plan” that Democrats say will save America from economic destruction. Actually, her plan would contribute to our destruction. I have heard that President Trump will sign the Democrats’ rescue plan into law. I pray he does not. The Democrats’ plan would force small business owners to pay out of their pockets 14 days’ pay of sick leave for every employee who is affected by the coronavirus. That plan will bankrupt most small businesses, which in turn will completely destroy our economy.

So to turn our economy around we must reinstate the short-selling uptick rule, and we must defeat the Democrats’ “rescue plan,” which is guaranteed to destroy small businesses, the lifeblood of America.

Darrell Williams Sr.


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