LETTERS: Virus panic overblown; Our glimpse of socialism; Successful tournament

Virus panic overblown

I have to blame the worldwide panic on our media for creating fear that makes people storm stores and purchase beyond their normal needs. What do you expect when you hear that you may be told to stay at home and not be allowed to leave if found to be sick with the coronavirus? You hoard food to last the month-long quarantine.

So now we have people hoarding necessities from the stores, leaving them undersupplied.

Politicians have done nothing to control or take away their fear, for fear of losing their coming election. This they whisper only to those close to them and that’s the reason we don’t see them lead to calm the public panic.

So don’t expect any politician to come forward to say, “Do not panic buy, think about other people who also need necessities.”

We are on our own on this one. Relax, this storm will pass and we’ll soon forget about it, and those who overstocked pretty much might have enough toilet paper to last through the end of 2020.

Rafael Madrigal


Our glimpse of socialism

The CORVID-19 pandemic has given us a tiny glimpse of a socialist state. We ran out of toilet paper, we ran out of paper towels, and we ran out of sanitizer and a sense of panic is clearly palpable across America.

Imagine if we didn’t have groceries, gasoline, clean drinking water, medical facilities, city sanitation departments, goodpaying jobs or money to pay rent or house mortgage.

Imagine if we didn’t have freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom to vote and elect our leaders, freedom of assembly, and the list goes on and on.

And yes, I know that CORVID-19 has nothing to do with socialism, but it did create a tiny glimpse of what socialism feels like. Those of you out there trying to change our democracy into a socialist state should think very seriously before you act. Those of us who wish to conserve our beautiful and prosperous way of life had better dig in our heels hard and prepare to defend our way of life as if our lives depended on it.

José Coronado


Successful tournament

A sincere thank you!

My wife Marilyn and I would like to thank your newspaper and the other media outlets in the Valley for their excellent coverage prior to and on the day of the Senior Texan Softball League’s 2020 Annual Canada/USA games on March 12.

We are Canadian visitors to the Valley and really appreciate the welcome and support given to us by all local residents, news media and sponsors. The McAllen Parks and Recreation Department helped to ensure the games were a success and we believe that all attendees enjoyed the day at the fields.

With so much uncertainty going on these days we received more than our share of rewards from the three hours of wonderful smiles on the faces of all players and spectators.

Unfortunately, we had to return to Canada early because of the fallout from the coronavirus outbreak, but we will be back next fall to see all of our friends here in the Valley.

Have a great summer!

Doug and Marilyn Scoville 2020 Canada/USA Games organizers


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