LETTERS: Schools need social workers; Commentary commended; Trump above serving country

Schools need social workers

I am a student in the social work program at Texas A& M University in Kingsville. As I’m learning more and more about my profession it’s come to my attention how important having social workers in schools is, having someone who can spot students who are in trouble or just need guidance in making better decisions.

As social workers are professionally trained and licensed in assessing social and behavioral issues that one might have, they are the perfect fit for students in any grade level to have as a person they can go to for help in guiding them through their problems.

House Bill 743 became law on June 19, 2015. This allowed social workers to be part of school districts. They will assist in enhancing school district’s academic mission, a collaborative mental health care team, help with requests and concerns of schools, use strengths-based approach, and are bound to a code of ethics. The flexibility of this bill was that any licensed social worker could be employed by a school, allowing for a better chance of employment.

I ask that you support schools’ adding of needed social workers to help those students who are easy targets or who slip through unforeseen cracks and need help. Having social workers there to facilitate in assessing students, things such as bullying, child abuse, teen pregnancy, suicide, academic achievement or personal crises could be prevented or helped.

I believe if every school had a social worker, we would see a change in student social and psychological behavioral due to having someone who can spot any issues they might have.

Alejandra Barboza


Commentary commended

I want to commend The Monitor and congratulate Al Garcia on his fine commentary: “Rise of a Malevolent Nation” (March 11).

The column involved America, the America I had learned to love since childhood. Mr. Garcia’s poetic and literary genius came out in this insightful commentary. It made me feel proud to know that there are true Americans in the Rio Grande Valley.

Al Garcia hit the nail right on the head. The nail (his commentary) was driven deep into my soul and spirit. It touched me because it resonated with truth, the truth about the dignity, nobleness, convictions and values of America: America the beautiful — the land of liberty and hope for humanity.

Mr. Garcia points out that “the rise of a dangerous and malevolent nation before my eyes that stirs and disturbs my heart and shatters my spirit” is exactly how I and many others feel.

Finally, I agree with Mr. Garcia that we must still hold on to hope: the “hope that the insanity will stop.”

Santos O. Gonzalez


Trump above serving country

Donald Trump did not serve during the Vietnam conflict. Many Mexican Americans and other immigrants fought and died to protect the American values of truth, justice and freedom.

The Donald is above all that. Truth? What’s that? Justice: annihilate whistleblowers. Freedom? Arrest and deport “aliens” who have quietly contributed to their communities in gratitude for the decent life America used to offer.

Sydney Roby


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