Sentencing hearing reset for Mission woman in drug conspiracy

McALLEN — The sentencing hearing for a Mission woman accused of playing a role in a drug conspiracy has been reset, records show.

The court reset the sentencing hearing for Alejandra Dianey Mendoza Garcia who pleaded guilty to a drug conspiracy charge on Jan. 31 for her role in a plot to move a large quantity of cocaine, records show. Mendoza was originally set to be sentenced April 14.

According to the criminal complaint filed against her in May 2019, the government alleged Mendoza, 31, of Mission, was in possession of bundles of cocaine when federal agents searched her apartment.

Drug Enforcement Administration agents began an investigation into Carolina Alejandra Treviño-Tapia and Mendoza on May 1, 2019, the complaint stated.

On that same day, a confidential source provided information regarding the women who led agents to believe the source was going to purchase an unknown amount of cocaine.

The following day, the complaint stated that agents began surveillance of Mendoza’s apartment in Mission.

“… Agents observed Treviño-Tapia and Mendoza-Garcia at Rio de Vida Apartments. An agent later observed Mendoza-Garcia carrying a large black-colored bag, which had a bright red sweater on top of it. Both Treviño-Tapia and Mendoza-Garcia were observed entering a maroon Nissan Murano,” the document stated.

Later that day, Hidalgo County sheriff’s deputies pulled over the Nissan carrying the two women for a traffic stop.

“During the traffic stop, a Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office canine alerted to the Nissan Murano for the presence of narcotics odor,” the document stated. “A deputy searched said vehicle and discovered three bundles of suspected cocaine in the backseat.”

During the traffic stop, Mendoza told agents that more cocaine could be found at her apartment.

In a subsequent search of Mendoza’s apartment, agents found and seized 15 additional bundles of cocaine inside a couch, and one in the woman’s bedroom closet, the complaint stated.

The cocaine found inside the apartment and inside the Nissan totaled 20 kilograms, the record shows.

Mendoza told agents she was hiding the cocaine at her apartment as a favor to Treviño-Tapia.

Treviño-Tapia, 30, of McAllen, is set for a jury trial June 2, records show.

A new sentencing hearing for Mendoza was not set as of this posting.