LETTERS: Prove pride; Popularity vs. politics; Atrocities continue

Prove pride

Are you really a proud American?

I recently asked my wife a question: If people say they are true patriots of America, why are we so unhappy?

I consider myself independent. I voted for Clinton, Bush, Obama and now Trump. I try to vote with my brain, in not my heart.

If you really love our country, you should only care about the shape our country is in. Right now we have the lowest unemployment in 50 years, all people of color are working at their highest rates ever, we are no longer dependent on other countries for our oil, we are ending terrorism around the world and our country, and last but not least our economy is great.

When Trump ran on draining the swamp in Washington, I really didn’t know what he meant. Now I do.

Both parties are guilty of only wanting power; it’s not about voters. We are the greatest country in the world. Open your eyes and look around and be proud and thankful you live in the USA.

I dare you to name a better place to be living in.

So be happy for what we have. Stop complaining about what we don’t have and be thankful for what we do have.

If you don’t like what’s going on, vote for change, but make sure it’s better than what we have right now, not just about whatever party you may belong to.

Bill Rouillier


Popularity vs. politics

President Ronald Reagan said it best when debating Sen. Walter Mondale in 1982: “I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent’s youth and inexperience.”

In two races in the Rio Grande Valley we see this in action: a fledgling attorney and “AOC” wannabe, Jessica Cisneros, almost unseated the Honorable Henry Cuellar. Why? Because the gathering of relevant information necessary for an informed voting decision requires substantial time and effort. So we get voters, ignorant of many facts who rely on political ads for information, forgetting there are two sides to every story.

The same is happening with veteran state Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr., who is being portrayed as out of touch and having been there too long by his opponent’s ads. I can assure you that most voters go to vote like we did in high school popularity contests, ignorant of the issues and accomplishments of the incumbent and vote with a feelgood, knee-jerk reaction.

Politics and popularity are two different worlds, but sadly run hand in hand and result in voter remorse; just ask the New Yorkers who lost on Amazon’s pull-out thanks to freshman House member Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, “AOC,” costing the city 25,000 jobs and $30 billion in revenue.

Is that any way to help your constituents, apparently she does!

Jake Longoria


Atrocities continue

It is unbelievable that Nicolas Maduro continues his human rights atrocities without outside interference, under the guise that Venezuela is a sovereign country. Yet illegal immigrants keep violating America’s sovereignty under the guise of human rights.

Imelda Coronado


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