LETTERS: Abortion like the Holocaust; Common element in market crashes; Guess who has to pay?

Abortion like the Holocaust

The claim that “abortion” does not compare with the Holocaust and racial injustice for bigotry, injustice and harm could not be more incorrect.

Persecution, enslavement and physical harm have occurred throughout history. At the core is a deep-seated “self-preserving” prejudice where one group, for its own convenience, comfort and prosperity, proclaims a right to own and subjugate another.

Egyptians and Romans, for example, enslaved 95% of their population, claiming it was necessary for their “civilization” to endure. The subjugated are labeled inferior and therefore can be precluded from freedom, prosperity and life.

My great-grandparents in Ireland were forbidden education and forced to work fields to provide British sustenance. The value of an Irish slave, in fact, was only a shilling, while black slaves were worth five.

We should be past prejudice, enslavement and willful innocent human destruction but we are not.

Consider defenseless, voiceless unborn children, 61-million (according to the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute) murdered over the past 47 years. Even born-alive victims of abortion are being left to choke, starve or die from neglect — because society remains inhumane, and for the same reason: convenience. Blacks were disposable, as were Jews, and now so are unborn children, all thought to be owned by their hosts.

No person in 2020 should be owned by another. When a mother knows she is pregnant her baby has a heartbeat, not just a sign but proof of life.

“Oh, but it’s not viable,” we say. So is the person in surgery at Concord Hospital. If we try to save some and not others, it is clear discrimination, reflecting the deadly prejudice of the Holocaust, only 10 times worse in numbers, and all our other regrettable acts in history.

John Donovan

Loudon, N.H.

Common element in market crashes

Are we on another Republican stock market crash?

In 1929 stocks crashed during Republican rule.

In 1987 stocks crashed during Republican rule.

In 2001 stocks crashed during Republican rule.

In 2008 stocks crashed during Republican rule.

In 2020 stocks crashed during Republican rule.

Isn’t it time to get rid of the Republican Party?

Bill Williams


Guess who has to pay?

A recent letter writer, Valeria Gonzalez from Hidalgo, writes, “A big part of citizens who vote are seniors, and their old-school way of thinking may not be appropriate for the modern U.S” (Feb. 23). I guess she is part of the “OK boomer” crowd that feels that only the millennial point of view counts.

Yes, Valeria, that old-school way of thinking is not part of the entitlement generation that is currently seeking to elect a candidate who promises free education, free medical care and student loan forgiveness, but when pressed to say how it will be paid for scoffs and says the billionaires will.

Just like all the companies that left the U.S. when corporate taxes were raised, so will the billionaires leave, and then who will pay? You will!

Jake Longoria


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