LETTERS: H-E-B praised

H-E-B praised

I Love my H-E-B!

After placing a curbside pickup grocery order with my neighborhood H-E-B, I marked my calendar with the date and pick-up time slot.

After a lengthy illness, my father-in-law was placed in hospice and then passed at his Missouri home. Due to the COVID-19 quarantine, out-of-state travel and funeral arrangements were restricted. Unbelievably, family members in Texas and Florida connected with the Missouri graveside service using Zoom.

My father-in-law’s graveside service and the H-E-B curbside pickup were both scheduled on the same day and at the same time. I called my H-E-B to request a delayed pickup. Shortly before the revised time, I received an email stating that most of the items on my list were no longer available. I contacted H-E-B to cancel my entire order. Soon afterward, an H-E-B employee phoned to say that her department had something to give me. She asked if I would be willing to drive to the store.

After pulling up at the McAllen H-E-B curbside at 10th and Trenton, a woman and man approached my car bearing a beautiful orchid plant. Both employees expressed their condolences through my car window. Being overwhelmed with such extraordinary kindness, I sobbed in my car. Through tears and my window, I waved good-bye.

After returning home, my husband and I opened the card: “We are thinking about you with our hearts and remembering you in our prayers.” Ten curbside employees signed the card with caring hand-written messages of sympathy. We were deeply touched.

The Campbell family extends sincere gratitude to Laura, Jennifer, Daniela, Albert, Milka, Jen, Andres and Ben, the curbside manager. Your shared spirit created a cherished lifetime memory. May God bless you and keep you safe during this unprecedented time.

Kathy Campbell


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