LETTERS: Illegal people commit crimes; Forgiveness aids healing; Request answered

Illegal people commit crimes

There are many people here who protect illegals because they are married to illegals. They probably get a share of things like food stamps.

Just like the stupid man who had been deported five times in California who killed the girl. A family man who used to work for the Border Patrol to protect us, who on his day off was killed in front of his family in Monte Alto. One of the guys mentioned at the trial said he wanted to be famous. He should have killed his partner and himself instead.

One officer was shot here with his own gun by an illegal he had been chasing.

I don’t want to talk about George Washington or Columbus discovering America. If we go into that subject, I was 1 year old when my dad died. I was picking cotton at the age of 7 and we used to eat for supper jackrabbits, rabbits and crows. You don’t mention about the people who are eating T-bone steaks and have their taco stands to make cash money with the food stamps.

There are a lot of people who have been living here for 20 or more years. Their parents brought them here illegal when they were small. They had their chance to become U.S. citizens and they never did apply to be legal, and now they are crying because they are being deported.

Again let’s not talk about things that were done before you and I were born.

One thing I forgot to mention: An illegal lady on the bridge of Laredo had her baby. There is no hate in the part of me. I’m just trying to let them know the reality.

One thing for sure: They can get in line for hours for benefits, but they can’t spend 10 minutes to vote. If you want to eat, work!

I just mentioned a few crimes, not the thousands that illegals do. Again, Mr. President, Donald Trump, please take the food stamps away right now!

Robert Luna


Forgiveness aids healing

A shared common denominator is our learned and innate abilities to pardon a negative impact of another’s actions or deeds. Our physiological make-up beholds convalescent abilities to self-heal our bodies just as our human defense mechanisms tirelessly function trying to ward off mental and emotional exterior forces and influences. The impact of negative energy is grounded in subjective perceptions and interpretations. Nonetheless, we make a decision to either hoard those feelings and emotions or administer release through expression or communication. The balance of dealing with life’s negative variables can manifest as toxic energy that depletes cognitive integrity of self and relationships with others.

It is often said that life is not about what someone has done to us, but how we respond to it! We choose to allow negative influences of others to shackle our minds. Also, it is our choice not to compound issues with self-induced thoughts and deeds. Disapproving acts, intentional or not, leaves the onus or pardon on the receiver’s subjectivity.

Avoiding forgiveness inhibits the essence of healing and allows the blunt impact and its fullness-in-destruction on self to stand as a prominent presentation. The ultimate purpose of forgiveness is to allow your own bodies to rid themselves of toxic energy that accumulates as chemical and physiological reactions and imbalances when the presence of hate and negative thought processes toward another are evident.

Forgiveness releases you from mental and social bondage! None of us are perfect, but the intention of forgiveness should be absolute, because revisiting or bringing up the past can ultimately sustain as a process-dilution in its purity.

Whether the culprit accepts your apology or forgiveness is not relevant; it is the action in forgiving that allows us to respect another through their imperfections! The inspiration here is that we all have and will make mistakes by hurting another or many along life’s journey. Those you need to forgive do not have to live near you, work with you or even be alive. The ultimate reward is that the processes of forgiveness liberate our body, mind and spirit from a perpetual slow moving depletion of health utility, which induces mental anguish that could simply be nullified with three words: I forgive you!

Dennis Walter Smith Sr.

Seneca Falls, N.Y.

Request answered

Wednesday, 8:15 a.m., Expressway westbound at the construction merge at Bicentennial. White Ford pick-up merges from the left at the last 30 feet, almost causing accident with oncoming traffic. I’m thinking: where is a cop when you want one?

Seconds later at the Main Street off-ramp a tan sedan speedily merges from the right beyond the off ramp white lines and crosses the right lane of traffic into the left lane behind the white Ford pick-up. Now I think: there’s a real need for a cop!

The sedan’s flashing lights go on; it’s an unmarked police car, which then pulls over the white Ford pick-up. Hurray! Thank you, officer.

John E. Covell


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