State board suspends McAllen doctor after sex assault allegations


A McAllen physician has been suspended from practicing for allegedly sexually assaulting two employees and three patients, according to the Texas Medical Board.

On Thursday, the disciplinary panel of the Texas Medical Board temporarily suspended the medical license of Dr. Jimmi Rios-Perez “…after determining his continuation in the practice of medicine poses a continuing threat to public welfare,” a Texas Medical Board news release stated.

The panel learned Rios-Perez is a subject of several criminal complaints made to the McAllen Police Department by five alleged victims who allege inappropriate conduct and sexual assault.

“Additionally, the panel found that Dr. Rios-Perez violated his 2018 Agreed Order requiring him to have a chaperone present during the examination of a patient,” the release stated.

The board will hold a temporary suspension hearing “as soon as practicable within 10 days’ notice to Dr. Rios-Perez, unless he specifically waives the hearing,” according to the release.

The temporary suspension remains in place until the state medical board takes further action.