McALLEN — With the ever increasing demand for hand sanitizer amid the COVID-19 outbreak, local business owners have teamed up to help provide the much needed product to the community.

To that end, McAllen restaurant Salomé on Main will be hosting Rio Grande Distillery and Magic Valley Moonshine out of Los Fresnos on Saturday afternoon. The Lower Valley distillery has recently begun using its resources to help brew up batches of hand sanitizer, which will be available in the parking lot of the restaurant.

“We’re just allowing this gentleman that’s — he distills whiskey, and he’s changing skills to make hand sanitizer,” explained Chef Larry Delgado, who owns Salomé on Main, SALT, and house. wine. & bistro. “He’s going to be in our parking lot offering up the sanitizer.”

Delgado said the idea was spearheaded by his wife, Jessica, who was contacted by the distillery.

“I had a friend reach out to me yesterday. She texted me saying, ‘Hey this guy is looking for a spot to sell his sanitizer in the Upper Valley. He lives in Los Fresnos,’” Jessica said. “She said, ‘Would you be interested?’ And I said, ‘Sure, let me connect the dots.’ So I gave him a call.”

“We need sanitizer so badly up here,” Jessica continued. “I think a lot of us who didn’t stockpile are getting low. He’s got 55-gallon drums of sanitizer that he’ll be hauling over here tomorrow.”

The distillery will be offering the hand sanitizer starting at noon until supplies run out. Salomé on Main will be open for business from noon to 8 p.m.

Speaking of the restaurant, Delgado explained the menu has different options, including family-style dinner packages, ready-to-eat meals that are served cold to store for later, as well as cocktail kits — all of which will be available for curbside pickup.

“No purchase is required for the sanitizer, but we are offering containers, gallon containers and pint containers, for anybody that does order from us,” Delgado said. “We’ll offer them a container to purchase sanitizer, or they can bring their own containers and fill them up.”

As has been the case with most businesses throughout the pandemic, Delgado said that business has been terrible. “We’ve seen a drop of 65%,” Delgado said. “Our situation changes day by day, hour by hour. Our stance is just adapt and overcome.”

Salomé on Main’s take-out friendly menu can be found on the restaurant’s Facebook. Customers are encouraged to call the restaurant at (956) 267-1150 to place orders before picking up.