LETTERS: Guided by faith; Beautification project praised; Done with VA clinic

Guided by faith

Faith comes to most of us in distinct and often personal ways.

It can materialize and emerge in times of great distress or hardship, in times of gratefulness or great exultation, or in a moment of selfenlightenment or illumination. Faith is the intangible force behind our self-empowerment, enablement, emancipation and sufficiency. Faith is a belief that we are guided in our lives by good and noble emotions and intentions. Faith is acceptance of truth as perceived and recognized, without recrimination or retaliation.

It is faith that soothes our grieving heart and quells the fear that finds its way into our soul in times of weakness and hopelessness. It is faith that comforts and calms and opens new visions when darkness and shadows distort our path ahead.

Faith is what gives us the power to forgive and the inspiration to aspire, explore and achieve the simplicity of the humanness within that ignites our virtues and sensibilities, which distinguish the righteous from the iniquitous, who have lost their way.

The heart can sense the fidelity of charlatans and pretenders of the faith. For goodness, kindness and honesty come naturally to those of faith who practice what they preach, while those who espouse their hate, distrust and duplicity must fabricate, contrive, devise and deceive — and that takes time, effort and a beguiling mind.

It is always those most outraged, incensed and riled that methinks protest too much. And the greatest give-away of their insincerity and deceit is when they question or belittle those of faith who believe in prayer and in their fellow man when confronted with trials and tribulations that come their way.

Oh ye of little faith, do not forsake those of us who believe and who strive to live a life that sheds grace upon us all and the land we love with all our might. Oh ye of little faith, do not mock or ridicule our faith or our intentions and reflections. For it is what made America majestic and noble — the practice of one’s faith, in one’s own way, and time and place.

And I have faith that America will persevere. Just keep the faith.

Al Garcia

Palm Valley

Beautification project praised

I would like to thank Keep McAllen Beautiful for the artwork on the old concrete stem pipes along the hike-and-bike trails on Col.

Rowe and Bicentennial boulevards, south of Nolana Loop. We have such talented artists in the Valley and they have given them an opportunity to not only showcase their work, but beautify the city as well with paintings of some of our native flora and fauna.

I understand that some of the schools participated and even painted the trash cans.

A big thank-you to all who have and are participating in this wonderful project. Keep up the super ideas that make a difference in our community.

Marian Della Maggiora


Done with VA clinic

I am very happy that Mr. Don J. St. Aubin (Letters, Feb. 14) had such wonderful service at the McAllen VA clinic, specifically from the Green Team.

He wonders why compliments for the Green Team, medical personnel mentioned by name, are not relayed to their supervisor. I can tell him why they aren’t. I was also assigned to The Green Team and I received the most disgraceful, compassionless and unprofessional medical service I could ever imagine.

After several visits with The Green Team, I had to give up on my veteran’s benefits, which I earned by service in Vietnam, and return to private-practice physicians. Now I pay for the medical service, but I am getting results, as well as professional service.

I will never return to the VA for anything.

John Launer


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