LETTERS: Recent letter spurs response; Signing praised; Mitt worse than Arnold

Recent letter spurs response

In response to Imelda Coronado’s letter of Feb. 11, “Separation is a choice,” have you ever been separated from your family? I have. By choice.

I married Marine and throughout his career our family was separated for months at a time. Our separations included many firsts and holidays.

It was his choice to join the Marine Corps and our choice to marry. Our children had no say in the matter. Yet they grew up in the military. And I would say they’re better persons for it.

Yes, our separations and those of thousands of military families give you the opportunity to bash those searching for the freedoms you so enjoy.

Those seeking asylum are following the law. If you would take the time to research the process you may learn something.

I am the granddaughter of a refugee. My grandmother came to this country during the Mexican Revolution in 1916.

I can assure you that if you research your family history, somewhere along the way your family were also immigrants. Do you now choose to bash those seeking a better life while ignoring your own family history?

Every human being deserves a good life. Free from threats and hunger. I hope you do not consider yourself a Christian.

And please research the history of the U.S. and these Central American countries. You may learn something.

Raquel Martinez


Signing praised

With all the negative news these days, it was uplifting to read a recent article in the Sports section, about a young man who signed a letter of intent to play football for the U.S. Naval Academy (Feb. 6).

Campbell Speights has been an outstanding running back in Valley football for the last four years. I’m sure he had many opportunities to sign with big-time universities. According to the article, he chose the Naval Academy because of its offensive style of play where his skills would be best used. No doubt, that’s true, but when you read further in the article, you get to the real reason for his decision. The article talks about his strong family influence and that he is thinking about life after football. How mature that is for a high school senior and how right the academy and he are for each other.

The academy will further strengthen some rock-solid fundamentals that obviously already are present in this young man’s beliefs. It will give him the opportunity for a topnotch education, give him the opportunity to play the sport he obviously loves, give him the opportunity to serve his country and give him so many choices of what he wants to make of his life, whether its pro football or on the bridge of a destroyer defending his country.

Whatever he chooses, I hope he does well. For me, watching this young man launch the next chapter in his life in such an outstanding way reinforces my faith that our young people will be good stewards of our country going forward.

Campbell, as a retired naval officer, welcome and I wish you fair winds and following seas.

Hank Boardman


Mitt worse than Arnold

Will Mitt Romney follow the steps of another traitor from our Colonial times? Benedict Arnold defected to England and planned and organized attacks against our colonies and earned the title of traitor in history.

Mitt’s plan was more evil and more like a Brutus to Caesar personal attack, a personal attack of vengeance. Mitt wanted blood.

Now, will Mitt switch and become a Democrat? Will the Democrats trust a traitor? Will he do the same to them?

There are just too many questions and not enough answers to this story.

Rafael Madrigal


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