LETTERS: Expect switch from Romney; Bernie the commie; Fearing Lord and not Trump

Expect switch from Romney

Mitt Romney wanted to be loved by Democrats, build fame for himself and become a celebrity and a hero to the Democrats.

The problem was in that when he led the charge, no one followed.

He was banking on never-Trump Republicans to break ranks, follow him and impeach Trump.

That plan did not go well for Mitt and history will show him as a traitor to the president and the Republican Party. The GOP is planning to remove him from their party. That will be the death blow for Mitt.

Don’t worry, Mitt will switch overnight into a Democrat and run for office as such. Mitt has no honor.

Rafael Madrigal


Bernie the commie

Bernie Sanders is on the record, but even more importantly on videotape (from Aug. 8, 1985 and June 13, 1988), uncritically publicly praising the so-called virtues of communist dictatorships in Cuba under Fidel Castro, in Nicaragua under Daniel Ortega and in the Soviet Union under totalitarian tyranny.

Sanders and his second wife Jane spent their 1988 marital honeymoon in the Soviet Union.

Why would Sanders, of all places on this planet, actually voluntarily pick the Soviet Union as the destination for their honeymoon?

(Were all of the available hotel rooms in Cuba, Nicaragua and North Korea already booked in 1988?) From the numerous communal kibbutzim in Israel that Sanders could have chosen from in 1963, why would he voluntarily join Kibbutz Sha’ar Ha’amakim, whose founder, Aharon Cohen, was convicted of having contacts with foreign agents?

According to the Feb. 9, 2016 edition of The Times of Israel, “The kibbutz belonged to the Israeli political party Mapam, which in the 1950s had been a communist, Soviet-affiliated faction. Kibbutz members had admired Joseph Stalin until his death, and they would celebrate May Day with red flags.”

If Sanders were to ever publicly disclose the truth about his prior political activities, that’s the day those much-heralded tens-of millions of dollars in donations will cease.

These days, your favorite so called Democratic socialist senator Sanders prefers flying on his personal private jet plane to sitting with us commoners in coach. Joe Biden still rides Amtrak, from what I’ve heard. And I thought Biden was supposed to be the elitist?

This might explain why Sanders vehemently refused to disclose any of his tax returns until April of 2019, when Senator Sanders finally had to admit that he has been a member of the top 1% of Americans economically all along, while publicly, dishonestly pretending to be otherwise.

Jake Pickering

Arcata, Calif.

Fearing Lord and not Trump

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction” (Proverbs 1:7).

After all the evidence and facts exposed for the removal of President Trump, it’s amazing and scary that only one lawmaker had more fear of the Lord than of Trump. I would vote for Mitt Romney anytime.

Ricardo Navarro


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