LETTERS: LNG support spurs criticism; A real legend; Medal cheapened

LNG support spurs criticism

Accolades for the Texas Tribune Event at Doctors Hospital Renaissance Edinburg. This well-attended event featured panel discussions on the future of Health Care. All panelists and attendees agreed this topic was a complex one that involved the environment, preventative care, lifestyle and particularly how health care today has evolved into sick care.

I listened to state Rep. Eddie Lucio III, one of the panelists, laud good diet and exercise, especially running. But then, hasn’t Rep. Lucio enthusiastically endorsed the three liquefied natural gas export terminals at the Brownsville Ship Channel?

This brought to mind a recent conversation with a friend about the organization Physicians for Social Responsibility report on the health risks of liquefied natural gas. Our area is being threatened by an environmental justice problem as liquefaction and export facilities often have disproportionate impacts on minority and sensitive populations where these huge facilities will be close to schools and nursing homes.

This will be the case for Port Isabel in particular, but also includes South Padre Island and Laguna Vista.

There is scant public research on the byproducts in the “purification” process of LNG. Air quality in the area will be poorer, and there will be emissions of methane, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, volatile organic compounds, particulate matter and more, which will cause and exacerbate respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological and other health conditions.

In addition, these pollutants will destroy/degrade local habitation and wildlife (Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge), as well as the local industries of ecotourism, fishing and shrimping.

How do Rep. Lucio or any of our local representatives rationalize prioritizing business interests over the long-term health and well-being of his constituency and the natural resources of our area?

Diane Teter


A real legend

I believe the death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter and the other seven people in the helicopter is truly tragic. However, I’m sick of hearing about what a legend he was. I was extremely upset to see that The Monitor felt the need to put a 7×10-inch color picture of him on the front page like he was some kind of hero.

Let’s remember that he was a basketball player who in 2003 was charged with rape and later paid out a settlement to make it go away. He continued to play and did become a better person and a great basketball player, but he was just that. He didn’t cure cancer, end world hunger, adopt homeless children or make the ultimate sacrifice of giving up his life while defending his country like Spc. Miguel Angel Villalon of Brownsville did on Jan. 11.

I don’t recall The Monitor putting a 7×10-inch color photo of him on the front page. He is the real thing! A legend and hero!

Shame on you!

Rosemarie Trejo


Medal cheapened

President Trump denigrated the Medal of Freedom by giving it to Rush Limbaugh!

Mary Hogan


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