LETTERS: Pandemic misplayed; Trump and O.J.

Pandemic misplayed

Our president has chosen to happy-talk about the pandemic we are facing instead of speaking with other countries in a collaborative effort, and on how to prepare our own country. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other experts speaking on TV news say, in answer to the question of a pandemic, that by definition we are in a pandemic now (a new virus, no vaccine available, crossing international borders).

Trump’s usual response to a crisis amounts to the same one for this crisis. Focus on the economy and wring out every possible outcome that will benefit him politically. Therefore, he hauls in epidemiologists, top people in the field, then muzzles them by declaring that all of them must send their messaging to the public through Vice President Pence. As governor, Pence failed miserably to meet the HIV crisis in his state.

We are told by the experts that the corona virus is a respiratory virus, highly contagious, and there are questions about how it is transmitted after one person in California was infected who had no contact with an infected person and who had not traveled out of state. She was the first case in that state.

Trump insists that the reason for the fall in the stock market has to do with Obama’s health policies or anything else he can think of rather than the coronavirus spreading across the globe. In one news conference he contradicted at least two people (experts, scientists) about the spread of the virus and the likelihood that we would see more cases in the U.S.

The biggest problem currently is his practice of firing people who say things he doesn’t want to hear, or when people tell the truth, he interprets that as disloyal to him. He then replaces such people with sycophants or “yes” men and women, people who are loyal to him, but have no credentials for the job.

He does not seem to comprehend that the reason for the stock market going down, down, has nothing to do with politics. It has to do with the pandemic, yet mostly a lack of real information and what plans are in place to provide testing kits, look to travel, quarantines, provision of pharmaceuticals we may not be able to get any longer from China.

Lack of trust in this administration’s ability to be prepared and to handle this crisis is the reason investors are getting out of the market.

Shirley A. Rickett


Trump and O.J.

Senate Republicans openly admit to Traitor Trump’s obvious guilt. But no witnesses, no documents and no real trial was allowed?

No profiles in courage among this cowardly conservative crowd, except for Utah’s Mitt Romney and Alabama Democrat Doug Jones.

Trump’s half of the U.S. Senate might as well quit and go home. A blue tidal wave is on the way in November. The GOP goes home, return to sender!

It’s no coincidence that Donald Trump, Jeffrey Epstein’s partner in crime, hired Epstein’s defense attorneys Alan Dershowitz and Ken Starr to spin, obfuscate and lie, lie, lie!

Even if President Orange Julius Caesar got in a white Ford Bronco with Al Cowlings, fled the cops and headed straight toward Mexico, the GOP-controlled U.S. Senate would simply refuse to convict.

Donald Trump’s gloves did not fit, so Senate jurors must acquit? Where have I heard this all before? Anyone else remember 1994? Then O.J. Simpson’s trial in 1995?

Forever hereafter he’ll be known as Putin’s puppet, Donald O.J. Trump, the guiltiest unjailed criminal alive!

Jake Pickering

Eureka, Calif.

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