LETTERS: Voter registration a communist scam; Questions about Pharr

Voter registration a communist scam

The radical, leftist, hypocrite leaders are unabashedly opening the floodgates for foreign election interfering when they enable illegal foreigners to vote through their selfdevised, constitutionally challenged driver’s license motor voter registration, or fraudulent IDs.

Could this be a colossal leftist scam to interfere with American elections? This is scary. It shows the ugly horns of communism’s hard attempt to steal elections with their “everything American” hate campaign to topple our free form of government. Why worry about Russian interference when we have our own leftist leaders providing fake voting IDs for illegals?

Why is it that American voters have to follow all the rules and illegal foreigners don’t?

Think about all the leftists’ treasonous attempts to topple our form of government. It has nothing to do with their false and usual “racism, separated families, children in cages” worn out, and tired campaign singsong.

Think about the present, real racism against American-born minorities (Hispanics included), military-separated families and poor homeless American children who go without food stamps and would welcome government-paid food and “cages” where they’re shielded, nurtured and fed, because their poor parents’ low income requirements are politically skewed against them, so leftist leaders can import illegal beneficiaries to help them win elections with safety net, taxpayer paid bribes, thus, so many vote pandering, leftist candidates.

Not to mention all the educational opportunities, free government paid grants and legal aid availed to illegals that poor American-born children do not receive.

Consider the poor elderly Americans who don’t qualify for Medicaid-paid nursing homes or government-paid, at-home caregiving. Their only disqualification is that they worked all their lives, and their measly retirement incomes again are legislatively skewed to disqualify them from receiving all these amenities rewarded to some foreign illegals who never worked here.

Isn’t that real domestic racism against our own poor? That, my dear brothers and sisters, is the big well-kept secret of the radical left. It’s their decades-old, well-planned power grab to topple America.

Imelda Coronado


Questions about Pharr

Why did the Pharr City Council need one city manager and two assistant city managers? Why did the City Council buy a big “Welcome to Pharr” sign, when last time that I checked, we know where we live? Why doesn’t the City Council name the Pharr Police Building in honor of my uncle Jose Z. Rosales, who was a Pharr policeman for 30 years? Why doesn’t the City Council name city buildings after “Toto” Rodriguez and Joel Corona, who lost their lives in Vietnam?

Mr. Leo “Polo” Palacios is the best mayor that Pharr has ever had! Talented previous Pharr City Hall workers like Mary Munoz, Zoila Martinez and Marina Zenil ran City Hall with manners, class and respect! Ex-mayor Fidencio Barrera and Ex-mayor and commissioner Victorio Garcia and former city commissioners “Pepe” Salinas and Lorenzo Garcia brought and constructed the Pharr bridge!

Lastly, God Bless and please vote for the person and not the party!

Ricardo Rosales


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