COMMENTARY: Reflecting on this moment

We are feeling the weight of time upon us. It is smothering and stifling the very breath of us. Once promising us the treasures of the ages, time now slowly fading away into the recesses of our minds, shrouding our memories and covering the wounds of countless sorrows and erasing the faces of forgotten phantoms of our past. Our waning and vanishing dreams that once stirred within us, now illusions or delusions, disappearing silently into nothingness. And we are left to look into the face of time to see only the stillness and the silence of the night and the shadows that lurk in the dark.

The dark so black and cold, like a constant night that lasts too long, and its silence overpowering. The need for an utterance long gone. It is the weight of time upon us, conquering the spirit that once soared within us and weakening the flesh and destroying the very core of who we once had been. It is the aging of the human heart and mind, betrayed by time and deceived by abandoned promises and dreams.

We are witnessing the death of a nation and the killing of a dream. Endless words bombard our minds, spewing distractions and obstructions, denials and repudiations. We are exhausted by the display of insolence and contempt by those entrusted with the rule of law. And we are disheartened and discouraged by the blatant and flagrant disregard of our American heritage and our American legacy. Shysters and patriotic imposters have overtaken the gates of our American citadel. It is time to stop the madness and the insanity.

What national and world wars and assaults of all types in all times through our history were unable to accomplish, our own legislators’ brashness and idiocy is now on the verge of achieving — the destruction of a democracy and of a dream that we thought would endure all enemies, foreign and domestic. We were wrong. It is the enemy within the very corridors of our Congress and other endangered institutions that is slaughtering and butchering the innocence, the dignity and the compassion that was our shield and safeguard to maintaining and sustaining our traditions and our security.

Power, control and greed, however veiled or camouflaged through actions or words, cannot be allowed to erode or command the emotion or the passion of our American dream or our national conscience. We are better than our legislators, representatives and lawmakers whom we have watched, day in and day out, making fools of themselves. We live in the real world, and we can see and hear and feel America’s beating heart, unlike those ensconced behind the crumbling walls of our democracy, with titles like congressman/woman or president.

We feel the weight of time upon us, for we have shed too many tears, and bear the scars and wounds of those we loved and lost who sacrificed for all we have today. We cannot and will not simply shut our eyes and ears to the travesty of the spectacle of impeachment being played out in endless hours of futile and inane debate and defiance. We know the dangers that we face because of the allure of uncontrolled power and greed that has taken hold of ruthless and callous politicians. History has shown us, over and over again, the end result of simply sitting by and watching as the walls come tumbling down.

The madness must stop. The insanity must stop.

It is “We the People” who are at fault and who will bear the consequences for having allowed the corruption of our character and our will by a handful of men and women who have placed themselves above and beyond the reach of “We the People.”

The weight of this time in history is upon us. We must bear the burden as true American patriots — and grit our teeth, clench our fists and hold our heads high and proud, and tell the world that America is still the land of the free and the brave, despite the fact that our flag, our character and our heritage are in tatters.

And as I reflect on this moment in time, I find it to be unforgivable.

Al Garcia lives in Palm Valley.