LETTERS: Hold officials accountable; County taxes raise questions; Sham nation; Impeachment wasted time

Hold officials accountable

We Americans proudly declare our firm belief in our democracy. What good is that if we have partisan politicians seeking to enhance their personal and party, instead of faithfully executing their sacred duty to the Constitution to save our fought-for institutions?

Sadly, many constituents can’t or won’t see the emperor with no clothes and will not hold these domestic terrorists accountable in the next election.

God help us.

Carlos Carranco


County taxes raise questions

As time has gone by, I have noticed property taxes have gone up and up again with little relief in sight.

Being in the real estate business, I frequently encounter many tax errors that taxpayers either don’t know how to get corrected or just don’t bother to do so. It bothers me to wonder how those people on fixed incomes or people who are retired pay their taxes.

One of the main reasons I feel Hidalgo County taxes are high is because of abuse of the agricultural tax exemption, a tax benefit available to farmers, ranchers and other agricultural related businesses.

I often encounter many large tracts of land that have been receiving this benefit for many years yet not producing any agricultural production. Therefore, Hidalgo County is losing tax dollars while at the same time shifting the burden to others. I have also encountered tracts of land too small to qualify for the agricultural tax benefit yet still receiving it.

This matter needs to be seriously investigated, because while many Hidalgo County property owners are struggling to pay their taxes, others are losing their properties or homes.

Adolfo Reyes


Sham nation

What an embarrassment to American citizens to have such partisan nonsense governing our nation. First a sham House impeachment “investigation.” Then a sham Senate trial.

The entire world must be shaking its collective heads over this assault on our Constitution and way of life. Millions of tax dollars and hundreds of hours wasted, which should have been used to get our “do-nothing” Congress to work for the people by focusing on our urgent issues, e.g., health care, border security, rebuilding our antiquated infrastructures, etc.

Fortunately, our “impeached” president seems to be the only one who is working on our behalf around the globe and here domestically. Perhaps it is the House and Senate that should be “impeached.”

Peter Stern


Impeachment wasted time

I would like to second Eugene DeSutter’s letter to the editor printed Jan. 24. I am disappointed with the amount of time and resources wasted by the Democrats on this impeachment process.

There soon will be a national election, at which time the Democrats can work to replace President Trump. Allow the American people to decide who should be president.

The Democratic party should focus on presenting its policies to the American people instead of vilifying President Trump nonstop.

Esther Lopez


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