LETTERS: Somewhere in our time; Take this nation back

Somewhere in our time

Somewhere in time — somewhere between the first breath of our life and the last gasp of our being — we experience that one moment that defines our existence.

It is in the haze and the maze of time that our lives evolve and change. And it is in the colors of time — the daylight and the darkness, the brilliance of blue skies and the emerald green of oceans and amber rays on golden fields — that we see and we feel the wonder and the passion of the spectacle and the pageantry that fills each moment of each day.

And it is somewhere in time — lost and forgotten among the fading remnants of diminishing memories and waning dreams — that occurred the flash, the twinkle, the spark that swayed our destiny and the fate of those we touched or shoved aside or pushed away in life. And it is that moment that dictates the rhythm and the pulse of all that comes our way. Such moment is defined by a singular sensation not understood or recognized at the time — such as joy or laughter, tears or pain, agony or torment, utter disbelief or sadness. And no one tells us when that moment will occur in our advancing lives, or even how or why. But in the end, it is that moment in time that molds and shapes the course and path we walk, and how we’ll walk it — whether alone or with someone to help us along the way.

It is somewhere in time, hidden among the colors of unfound worlds and in the sounds of unheard voices and cries that penetrate the emptiness between a moment in time and the echoes of escaping souls, that unlived dreams and unfinished lives find refuge from the untamed ravishes of time, as it swirls and whirls beyond the stars.

And in the end, we are like floral spurs that float with the winds of time, forever whirling and spiraling among the stars, living somewhere in time that never ceases to be.

Al Garcia

Palm Valley

Take this nation back

Why is it important for our nation’s three branches of government to operate within their guideline and law for the survival of our nation? As long as the American people can trust their work, this nation will run smoothly, but when there is conflict it affects the nation as a whole and disrupts its daily operation to its core.

And that is what is happening today. People are losing trust in our government and our laws, and today we can see this mistrust in our streets by its increase in lawlessness.

This all comes from a created mistrust in government and laws today. Abuse of power by one or two of our branches of government can and will destroy this nation if it is allowed to get out of control and not corrected.

We are at the crossroads today where the American people need to decide to take action and correct this abuse by voting this November and boot out those useless and destructive haters from destroying our America. It is not their America — it is our America, and we can vote them out this November and take this country back in our control and away from those who want to destroy it because of hate, greed and power.

Rafael Madrigal


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