San Juan moves forward with $1M street upgrade bid

SAN JUAN — The city of San Juan is in the preliminary stages of upgrading some of its streets after awarding a bid to a construction company at Tuesday’s meeting.

The city commission approved an item that awarded the bid to MJA Construction LLC out of Mission. The construction company was the lowest of the six bids received on Feb. 26, specifically in the amount of $1,093,301.36.

“We’re about to get started with the pre-construction meeting, I want to say maybe next week,” San Juan City Manager Ben Arjona said. “This was the bid that was submitted to the city, and it was approved, so the next step is to get the contract. We’ll look at the contract and see if there’s anything that needs to be changed. It’ll take a couple of weeks, maybe three weeks at the most, for that to begin.”

The streets that the city is looking to improve include Oleander Drive, Sandra Street, Loma Linda Estates Subdivision, Chula Vista Drive, Amy Drive, Third Street, Zapata Street, Cole Street, Nebraska Street, Ninth Street, 12th Street, Kansas Street, Ohio Avenue and Sun Valley Estates Subdivision.

“It’s already approved. That’s the best part about it,” Arjona said. “Once it’s approved, then it’s a matter of us expediting the contract back and forth through the attorneys.”

Arjona explained that some of the roads will need full reconstruction, including drainage improvements, and some will only be repaved.

The project comes as a result of heavy rains in recent years. He also said that funding for the project would not provide any additional burden on the citizens of San Juan in the form of additional taxes.

“It was all under the same interest and seeking funding from the city,” Arjona said. “It’s all under the same umbrella. No additional taxes or anything like that.”

At Tuesday’s meeting, the commission also approved an ordinance that will lower speed limits for some roads near schools.

“There was some concern as far as the speed limits on Stewart Road,” Arjona said. “Coming up to Austin Middle School, it’s a truck route. People were complaining that they were going pretty fast. Because of the fact that it’s a truck route, it’s a state road, it’s not a city road. We had to contact TxDOT, they did an assessment as to maybe they could lower the speed limit.”

Arjona said that the Texas Department of Transportation is also doing an assessment regarding the possibility of lowering the speed limit on a portion of Texas 495. He said that he anticipates the speed limit being lowered from 55 to 45 miles per hour, pending TxDOT’s assessment.