LETTERS: Bring back public fare; Whole story about Iran

Bring back public fare

Why can’t we get public broadcasting or National Public Radio here in the Valley? It has been at least two months and all we get on channel 10 is that there are “technical difficulties” — for two months!

Come on! I miss PBS shows such as Antiques Roadshow, NOVA and Masterpiece Theater. I know the broadcast rights were recently sold, but can’t we get the programming back?

If others feel as I do, please demand the return of PBS and NPR to the airways. By the way, I have cable service and this is the only channel (10) I have a problem with.

Robert R. Ostermeier


Whole story about Iran

We Americans need a history lesson. Iran had a democratically elected prime minister, whom we helped to overthrow. In 1953, democratically elected prime minister Mohammad Mosaddegh was overthrown in a coup organized by our CIA, with British support. He had nationalized British Petroleum so that Iranians would benefit from the oil revenue.

The coup eventually resulted in today’s situation. We were the aggressors then. Now we blame them for their aggressions.

We need to look at the whole story.

Martha Rogers


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