LETTERS: Some jobs never end; Child separation is parents’ fault; Animal diet causes ills

Some jobs never end

A job pays you, and you look forward to paid retirement after many years.

Caregivers and housewives work for free many years and there’s no retirement.

Imelda Coronado


Child separation is parents’ fault

Ilyce Shugall’s Dec. 10 column, “Trump forces children to go it alone in immigration court,” deserves a response.

First, the title itself is quite shocking, referencing the sad and unfortunate situation of family separation for which President Trump and current U.S. laws are blamed. As we know now, family separation began under the Obama administration.

Regardless of when it started, any sane and rational person surely would have to lay the blame of this family separation squarely where it belongs — on the family unit itself attempting to enter the U.S. We should be blaming those parents trying to secure amnesty and knowing that at the current time, family separation could, and probably would, occur.

Plain and simple: The parents are to blame for exposing those children to that likelihood. Nobody else.

Secondly, the lawyer who wrote the article laments that at this time, refugees do not have the right to a court-appointed attorney to represent them in immigration court. She bemoans the fact that immigrants have to pay their own attorney. My question is, why should the U.S. taxpayer be on the hook for their attorney’s fee?” Have we U.S. taxpayers become such a nation of suckers that we would willingly allow refugees to take advantage and benefit from our hard-earned tax dollars and get their legal bills paid?

If you feel inclined to pay for their legal bills, I’m sure you can send those attorneys a check drawn directly from your own bank account. I don’t think I will, and I can bet you won’t either.

Joel Ramirez


Animal diet causes ills

Fifty million Chinese people locked down! Fifteen countries affected! Several confirmed cases in the U.S.! These dramatic headlines announce one more pandemic caused by our abuse of animals.

Indeed, 61% of the 1,415 pathogens known to infect humans originate with animals. These socalled zoonotic diseases, claiming millions of human lives, include Asian flu, Hong Kong flu, West Nile flu, bird flu, swine flu, dengue fever, Ebola, HIV, SARS and yellow fever. The pandemic “Spanish” flu of 1918 may have killed as many as 50 million people worldwide.

Western factory farms and Asian street markets are virtual breeding grounds for infectious diseases. Sick, crowded, highly stressed animals in close contact with raw flesh, feces and urine provide ideal incubation media for viruses. As these microbes reach humans, they mutate to defeat the new host’s immune system, then propagate on contact.

Each of us can help end these deadly pandemics by replacing animal products in our diet with vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. These foods don’t carry flu viruses, or government warning labels, are touted by every major health advocacy organization and were the recommended fare in the Garden of Eden.

The internet offers ample recipes and transition hints.

Joel Kriviak


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