LETTERS: Officials set policy; Specter of betrayal

Officials set policy

Foreigners, some legal and some illegal immigrant protestors, refugees, renegades, activists and media mob do not set American immigration policy and law. This is the job of American government elected officials.

Americans don’t interfere with other countries’ lawmaking. The same is rightfully expected from foreign countries. It’s a matter of mutual respect.

Being humane rests on the personal conscience, sincerity and own pocketbook of each caring individual, not on showboating, demanding, shaming, guilting, blackmailing, subverting or coercing sovereign law.

Imelda Coronado


Specter of betrayal

I see in America today, in the faces and in the voices of politicians and of ordinary men and women across our land, the specter of betrayal and duplicity. I sense the shadows of dishonesty and deceit hovering ominously over our nation.

And I feel the weakening resolve of a weary and exhausted electorate.

I struggle to understand the misguided allure of outright lies, deceit and fabrications on individuals normally considered Christians, evangelicals and/or intelligent, hard-working Americans striving to achieve the American Dream. I hear the rants and the rage against truths and facts and actualities. And I listen to the venomous words and watch the hate-filled eyes and clenched fists of maddening crowds incited to a frenzy of hatred and denial.

Our leaders have systematically and methodically devalued our American currency of faith, hope, understanding and tolerance. Our courage to stand up and speak

up with integrity and honor to uphold the virtues that helped to make this nation great has deteriorated into fragments and slivers of lost confidence, uncertainty and doubt. And as the gathering clouds of the approaching apocalypse continue to hover and grow, the fervor of discontent and disbelief in the harmony of “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all,” grows stronger and louder.

It is the specter of betrayal that is consuming the life, the breath, the soul of all that we hold dear and near — our sweet land of liberty and the aura that enshrines the nobility of our legacy. It is the arrogance of ego and the conceit of inflated power that is mesmerizing weak and fragile minds, and strengthening the heartless souls of extremists determined to divide and seize the supremacy over all who would be free.

We have become a nation on the brink of chaos and anarchy. We are a nation in a state of depression and anxiety. We cannot believe what we are told, nor can we trust the fabricated or undisclosed reasoning behind unwise and irrational actions or commands that may affect the security or safety of our nation, or further destabilize the erratic world around us. We have become an exaggerated caricature of what we used to be.

What should worry us most is the specter of betrayal by those around us, not by those beyond us. It is the enemy within that will consume and destroy the legacy of generations of Americans who believed in, fought for, and lived for truth, justice and liberty.

Al Garcia

Palm Valley

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