LETTERS: Save nation with voting; Trump’s backyard; Ending costly resettlement

Save nation with voting

With regard to Mr. Al Garcia’s commentary on Jan. 19, he is right about the state of our nation. He is expressing what a lot of us are feeling.

However, after reading this article I had a feeling that he was implying that there was no hope. On the contrary, it’s a call to action on our part to save our beautiful country.

We must vote and galvanize our communities to show up to vote.

Mr. Garcia is right: this is a critical time in our country. This is not the time for apathy. We must rise up and save our nation.

So please call your congressman, let him know how you feel, and let’s rally around the voting booths in November.

Martha Sanchez


Trump’s backyard

How things change when it’s in your own backyard. President Trump has been stubborn on his wall on our southern borders, refusing to listen to people who live near the border saying they don’t want it. Stealing their land at pennies to the dollar. Environmentalists appealing to the courts, saying it will harm the environment and endangered species that live there.

Now I hear that Trump is blasting New York City for wanting to build a seawall around the island to protect it against future hurricanes like Sandy, which hit the city in 2012. His rant is that it’s a waste of money and that it will harm the environment. Why? Because this is where he calls home.

So what does he think people have been claiming since he has been wanting to do his pet project, the border wall? A waste of money that could be used for education or to help the elderly.

Also, it will harm the environment, which we will see when a catastrophic hurricane hits our area with the flooding the wall will create.

Jesus Rodriguez


Ending costly resettlement

For all detractors of Governor Abbott’s announcement to end refugee resettlement in Texas, it’s all about the detractors’ cushy comforts disappearing. They enjoy their daily news photo ops and showboating. It makes them look and feel good about their “noble humanitarianism” at the expense of the weary, taxedout Texans.

All these so-called “do-gooders” bolster their egos, letting everyone know how caring they are, calling themselves “non-profits” while being funded by the exhausted tax-paying Texans. That is dishonest on its face.

Gov. Abbott is the human example of reason and great humanitarianism. He has led the national statistics of resettlement in Texas. He is a very capable leader who knows when refugee resettlement is threatening the economic stability of Texas and its citizens.

According to the latest statistics of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, it costs $80,000 per person per year to resettle a refugee.

Are these “non-profit organizations” willing to foot these fees with all the taxpayer federal grants they already receive without re-taxing the citizens again?

Imelda Coronado