LETTERS: Immigrants mistreated; Democrats work against America

Immigrants mistreated

The treatment of immigrants needs reform. Since the beginning of this country people who were not “American” have been being treated unfairly by the citizens and hypnotic propaganda of our political leaders.

Donald Trump is a prime example of the filthy propaganda that all immigrants are bad and should be discriminated against by not just their home countries that they are running away from, but also the country they are hoping to find a new prosperous life in.

Immigrants are also being taken advantage of in blue-collar jobs; by not being able to speak a common language they get thrown into the nearest job they can, no matter the pay, and end up having no real income to be able to support themselves or the family they are coming aboard with.

Immigrants get thrown into a country where the government pretends to try to help but instead throws them into a pack of wolves. The government instead of being a wolf in sheep’s clothing should be the shepherd of the immigrants and lead them to the opportunities they are looking for, and a way to change that would be with accessible information given to them as they enter the country.

Aaron Tijerina


Democrats work against America

Democrats seem bound and determined to lead this country backward. They want the president to fail and if this happens, the United States will certainly regress and the people lose.

The “Never Trumpers” have been in “destroy mode” since the 2016 election. This impeachment the Democrats instigated is just another political ploy to ruin the president.

Why the urgency, with the election just a few months away? The Democrats didn’t accept the will of the electorate in 2016 and they most certainly can’t take the chance that he will be reelected in November.

Watching a Trump rally the other night, I don’t remember one instance where he singled out one group over another except for the mainstream media. His positive, upbeat message was geared toward the entire population of the United States, regardless of gender, ethnicity, financial status or residential area. He’s working for all citizens, but listening to the mainstream media you hear very little about his accomplishments without a negative twist attached. He doesn’t play “identity politics,” as do the Democrats.

Democratic presidential candidates already seem to have cracks in their wall, with various factions making their own demands for attention.

The China trade deal and U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement are campaign promises kept: accomplishments that are being ignored or downplayed in the media. These significant trade deals benefit the entire U.S. population in many ways, but they played second fiddle to the partisan impeachment proceedings. Was there calculated timing on the part of the Democratic leaders? Probably, since the impeachment theoretically could have destroyed the president. Dirty politics at its worst!

The media and some leading Democrats even seemed to side with Iran, our enemy, in the killing of terrorists responsible for the death of hundreds of Americans. Democrats are willing to negate any good the president has accomplished and do anything to regain power, including moving the country backward, trampling the Constitution and totally destroying a presidency. Sad, but no surprise.

Melvin L. Thompson


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